Sunday, June 29, 2008

Too Hot Too Handle My Gorgeous Models

I 've been in KL for almost 10 years now.. from my student days up to now but i had never been to this Bird Park in Taman Tasik Perdana. Why ?? Simple acceptable reason is the place is so near..we can go there one day..any day.. not a problem. I am ashamed of myself for not taking my free time to visit this lovely picturesque place. not to mention.. i rather travel to Bangkok 3 times in a year.. ha ha...Realizing the fact, i spent my Sunday morning today along with Hamdi, who had just finished his on call duty to this place. We reached there within minutes...and the entrance cost about RM 15 for Malaysian and RM 35 for tourist. We had to produce our IC since we almost look like either Indonesian or Thai's... ha ha..nah just kidding. I am proud to be Malaysian..Malaysia Boleh ??? Boleh ?? We were given this outline map . Just a day after attending the photo class, i was eager to produce good pictures... ang i choose these non-human GORGEOUS AND BEAUTIFUL MODELS from the bird kingdom... ha ha... terkena??

The weather was pretty dull today.. the sun still shy to come out...and we knew that our pictures today would not be that marvellous... a do not critic that much huh..

Here are some birdy experience that we encountered today.... Saharil...if you are reading this.. see even the bird liked Hamdi's new landed on his head ...ha ha . More pictures of my non- human models today..

The owl was on the cover of this month ..Cleo magazine in the bird kingdom...he he (i go insane...)

See the `bangau' ...with very slim legs and long beautiful neck... she is definitely the highest paid model in this bird kingdom...ha ha..

Another world-class model...the `merak'. Mmmmmm...gorgoues..

A group of birds.. they are like humans just clinch with their best buddies...To all human being out there... follow the birds.... friends.! friends! friends! don't create wars...Told that to Hamdi many times..

I could not control this arrogant model in this industry..arrrggh... keep on knocking her head.... damn i knew you are beautiful....please make my picture beautiful too !!!....You are going to be on my blog sweetie...

This model resembled a lot like Donna Summer in her hairstyle... ha ha but she was damn prett y hot with her red evil eye..

This was what the models paid for after hard work parading on the center stage...he he.. food..

This model was so sinonym with red outfits...mmmm. She even rejected the DKNY and Armani she supposed to wear that morning...

This was the best model (non-human) i ever worked with.. She has elegant demeanour and so poise and showed a good attitude and ready to pose at all time. The eyes made every birdy guy heart melts..I guessed if she entered the Bird Next Top Model, she definitely came out as the sole winner.. I got a lot of pretty shots with her.. Keep up the good work !!

After hard work of photography... it was an indulgence to have these ice-creams while experiencing the surrounding panaromic views.

The souvenier shop located at the exit ....

We finished our photography with these glamorous models from the bird kingdom...nearly 11.30 am.. We had to rush home to prepare before going for a drug launch at Carcosa Seri Negara later that day (Triflusal launch) - will post something from the event later..

Well...any human models fancy to work with me??? Drop me a line... ha ha ha... I'll make sure you look damn hot in the final touch pictures.......Just Joking!!! Hope you enjoy this entry..


hamdi said...

hahahaha. nak terberak aku ketawa. walaupun u've hinted me some of the stuff u gonna put, u still ahve alots in ur sleeve. keep up the ggod work man. and its not the model, its u! u r way much better now ( i must say i am jealous of ur pics)

syukur said...

Hamdi : ha who are our next models???teringin nak fotograf betul betul punya model pulak.. nanti blog ni tukar jadi Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency pulak.. ha ha lawak jer yer.
Tentang fotografi tu... tulah kena berguru.. baru tak sesat.. ha ha

Josh said...

I like the one yg burung tu tenggek atas batu tu.

Burung apa yg kat last pic tu??

syukur said...

Josh : burung yang last tu namanya burung belatuk berhelmet koko.. ha ha... jangan tak tahu josh ...kalau u usik burung tu..baru dia keluar kepak dia... ha ha..sorry Hamdii..

hamdi said...

Josh - ada 2 burung yg tenggek atas batu. saatu warna merah satu putih (kot)

mANA Ada burung kat gambr last tu josh. computer u ada virus kot, u got a different wrong picture

Inah said...

i thought ade gambar abg bear lagi :P..u should have gone to bagan lalang to take sunset pictures wit ur big weapon

Catz said...

hi doc syukur..

nice photo..saya sgt jeles ..
(anyway..catz pernah pi birdpark ni..4.5 tahun yg lalu kots dan hairan org duk beriya2 klik sana i understand whyy)..
nice photo...good job doc!

Anonymous said...

andai Doc. Syuk dah 10y baru sampai kat taman ni...saya yang dah 12y pun masih tak sampai2 lagi...anyway, model2 awak ni memang semenyer "photogenic"..hehe

syukur said...

Hamdi : aikkk??? Denier lagi aku.. habis la `denier" dah jadi trademark kau.. ha ha

Inah : thanks for the suggestion... memang bila dah dapt civic baru ganti yang hilang tu..ingat nak tour malaysia dengan Hamdi, Shah dan BM for klik klik ..kira rombongan che kiah lerrr..tapi shah mungkin slow down sikit kot sebab exam dia dah dekat ..ha study shah study..(ketawa besar dari org yang dah pass) he he..

Catz : gambar you pun meletopss la.. bila nak join klik klik kita orang ni..

Anonymous : Pergi la taman burung tu... best .. teruja dengan alam sekejap kat sana.. back to nature rasanya.