Monday, June 9, 2008

San Francisco Steakhouse, Midvalley KL

It was mundane Monday at work. I started in cardiology unit today. Hectic work and very busy clinic. After the Mahgrib prayer, i went to San Francisco Steakhouse in Midvalley for a fine dinner with my coellague which was pre-planned a week earlier. The dinner was actually came from the extra money that we managed to collect and get sponsorship from our previous HIV conference way back in 2005. Wow.. that was long .. but the money was still in the good hands of our treasurer.

Only 9 of us made it today. 4 of them are already becoming our department specialists and others either the registrars or the senior MO's. San Francisco Steakhouse has built their reputation as premier family restaurant for steaks. One of the best places for steak around town.

Below were our appetisers. The Rocky Nanchos cost about RM 12.90 per plate.

This garlic breads cost RM 17.10 for 9 slices.

A lot of chit-chatting and gossips .... a way to release our tense. Ha ha..

The story went on and on , even Azmin (the red stripe shirt) could not take it anymore.. but other happily continued the hot discussion.

Prawn and steak ( RM 51.90)

T-Bone steak (RM 58.90)

American Grill (RM 43.90)

My choice for the night : Black Pepper Steak (RM35.90)

Pineapple Lovely Tower drink (RM 11.90) - this one was great. Love the juicy blend.

Hot Cappuchino as the last drink before we left.

Hamdi 's Lime Juice (RM 6.90)
No doubt that this place is well-known for the unique style of dining, warm service and a cozy ambience. Azmin did ask our boyish looking Filipino waiter how he remembered exactly our abundant orders and he replied ` it is my daily job!'. Amazingly beautiful decoration around as you can see here.

For pre-booking and reservation, the number is 03-29382882.


Josh said...

Hi Syuks, I hopped in from Shah's blog. Salam berkenalan. I got to agree with u, San Francisco Steakhouse offers one of the best steak in town.

axim said...

wooww never been here before...will try once i've got a chance to do so...mmm ntah bila la yek...hehe

syukur said...

Josh : hey love ur blog too .. salam berkenalan.. dah baca dan kenal ur blog from shah tapi malu la dengan semua blogger terkemuka macam u and shah (nasib baik shah tu rakan sekerja)

Axim : aaaa datanglah ... nak belanja pun boleh.

hamdi said...

last minute decision. Didnt know u guys dah plan it for 1 week already. Malu je chip in just like that. But i didnt use the committee's money tho.

syukur said...

Hamdi :. ala apa nak malunya..tak de hal la. memang kita orang nak habiskan simpanan tu pun malam tu sebab azmin dah malas nak pegang tanggungjawab