Sunday, March 29, 2009

The spectacular accoustic ANGGUN showcase

On last Friday night with Mahkota Ballroom in Istana Hotel , i paved my way going through a massive Friday eve traffic jam to attend this exclusive accoustic showcase by Anggun. The crowd came in and dressed in their best.

This event was in conjuction with the release of Anggun new English album here ...ELEVATION.. brought by Metadome Sdn Bhd which the GM, Kak Aida Hussin cordially invited me and my friend , Nizam to this spectacular show. We were placed at the front 3 rows so i just could snap the pictures from my seat using my 200 m lense..and this is the result..ha ha. Again, our seats was in celebrity section..ha ha along with famous people and entertainers..

Amy of Search is a fan Anggun and he reckoned Anggun nice vocal tone is the key of Anggun success..

After the show pics.....with Shahila , the runner-up for last season Once In A Million...

My seat was next to this ex-newscaster, Sharifah Shawati....nice meeting you Shawati.. She looked stunning that nite with that green dress... beautiful !

Linda Onn came with a very elegant dress and she looked slim ...very slim in fact ! Among other celeberities seen that night including Datuk Kayveas, Jovian Rayke Mandagie, Nadia AF, Iz (OIAM), Cikgu Siti Hajar (of AF), Saerah , Farahdiya (of SpaQ tv series), Nora and Johan Nawawi and many many more.

Anggun performed 5 numbers from her new album and also previous album. She belted out Yang Aku Tunggu, Snow On The Sahara and Crazy and collaborated with Nurul and Imran Ajmain on the last song which happened to be my favourite , MANTRA (or Saviour in English version).MANTRA was the theme song for The Transporter 2.

Imran Ajmain did the opening act by performing his new single (happened to be a blogger's favourite song too)....Selamat Ulang tahun Sayang...

More pictures in my Facebook photos....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

She is Soooo ANGGUN, Am I the Opposite Sex Exotic ?? Ha ha

I was on leave on last Tuesday when i remembered about an event brought by Metadome Sdn Bhd, a company in entertainment event management which is partly owned by few Malay geniuses who had became my friends for few years now. It was a press conference for Indonesian born singer who has created waves in music industry world-wide..yeah none other that the EXOTIC Anggun C . Sasmi.

Located in Istana Hotel, i had attended the 2 hours PC as a guest invite. Other attendees were mostly the reporters and people from the record label.

I have known Kak Aida Hussin (pic above) with her bubbly character when she was working with Warner as PR Executive. She resigned from the record company and now handles the GM post in Metadome.

KC Ismail, a fellow blogger but yeah , he is better known in the industry as ex-radio deejay and currently works in Metadome as well. A great combination in a such wokhaholic team overall. I met KC ISmail in Nidji gig 2 years back in Jakarta and since then , we still keep in touch. Click here to go to his block, KC Ismail.

Talking about Anggun, she makes Indonesian proud of her by venturing into international market. I hope you still remember the first ever English written song , Snow On The Sahara. With her husky unique voice and elegant demeanour and yet exotic complexion, she sets the bar high for other Asian singer wannabe.

She is in town for a week with many tentatives designed for her, mainly to promote her new English album, ELEVATION . She will throw a showcase this coming Friday with opening acts of Nurul and Imran Ajmain.. Again , i am invited..yaay ! ha ha

Here are some of her pics and her natural beauty.

Performing accoustic version of a song with Eddrie Hashim on the guitar...

Do come and join the showcase but you need to reserve your seat by contacting Metadome Sdn Bhd.


Venue : Mahkota Ballroom, Istana Hotel

Date : 27th March 2009

Time : 8.00 pm

Opening acts : Nurul and Imran Ajmain.

She will appear in Akademi Fantasia Week 3 concert as guest performer and also in various tv interviews

Sunday, March 22, 2009

When Your Life Journey Worth Millions...

Something felt deep inside after watching this inspiring movie by the famous director Danny Boyle.. I did watch 2 movies in a run on last weekend but Slumdog Millionaire was superior than the other by FAR !! The story plot, the progress , the elements and everything about this movie was almost perfect that left me wondering how lucky some people are nowadays.

In a background of a slum area, the so-called `The Three Muskeeters' were raised up, living their life no better than a rollercoaster ride, trying their best to come out from their agony in life. How every single questions asked in the stardom of becoming a millionaire and the relations in his suffocating life were simply phenomenal.

It was totally different from the mediocre Bollywood films because this story per se was incredible by its own and the recipe of putting up all the required elements in a good movie was a blast. A DEFINITE MUST SEE movie.....yeah ...and it won an Oscar for Best Picture (the reason you have to believe my analytical comments here)..he he

DESTINY..... Is my life journey worth millions ?? Mmmm Maybe...ha ha
I hope the DESTINY too will help me finding my lost love.....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Horse Riding In Langkawi

Have you ever try to ride a horse and go for galloping ? This would probably be my pioneer attempt and it turned to be a joyful ride. Courtesy from my good friend, 7 of us had this memorable experience of riding horses in Langkawi recently.

The helmets needed to protect you from any bad circumstances. Extra-vigilant if you are a novice.

One thing i learnt from the one hour ride is that you need to boost your self-confidence because horses have their inner senses that they become wilder if the rider lack of it.

Along the beaches.. This pic is courtesy from Wahaza X tra (another famous blogger) who just owned a new Olympus DSLR. I had a 27 years old horse named SIFU... and he is extremely well-trained and well-mannered through out. What a wonderful experience and hopefully i can return for more..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Langkawi Again....

I had attended this cardiology meeting in Langkawi last weekend... it was damn good to return to this myth and legend of this island. Awesome speakers line-up, 20 of my other working colleagues and few good friends who came along as well.

Do we look like cardiologist in the making ?? ha ha that is our dream and our need to pass every obstacles to make it come true. Anuar and Asri has been very supportive since we have the same dream..

Stroll along the pristine beaches and breathe the fresh air is the best thing i can do now. A relief from huge burden of work..

Pantai Cenang beach normally does not appear empty like this.

The great panorama of the blue sky..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Laksa Sarawak For Lunch

Eating Laksa Sarawak at Asri's last weekend was actually a kind invitation that he and his beloved wife forwarded to me. Thanks Asri... This is how Laksa Sarawak look like and it is slightly different from our own nothern state laksa which sometimes eel being used as the main ingredient. As usual, i ate 3 bowls of this laksa...ha ha ha

The laksa has fresh prawns..mmmmm

Their famous cupcakes been served as the dessert. I offered them free promotion in my blog so that i can get free samples..ha ha

I have known Asri for almost 12 years now since we started knowing each other as roomates during our matriculation in Bangi at that time and yeah we pursued our medical career and both of us are inspired to become future cardiologists... Amin ! Hope our friendship remains forever. Thanks Hani (Asri's wife for the cooking ). Nice to meet Leesya and Dina again.