Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bali Again And Why ???

I took time off to visit Bali again recently and well, this is not the story about me but this is about a new Malaysian friend i met during my recent visit to this tropical island. He came down to Bali 4 to 5 times in a year and he knows very well the Bali landmarks and tourist location and this time , he flew for free attending a fully sponsored friend's wedding with beach theme concept. If not for this special celebration , he definitely be back to Bali at that frequent interval anyway.
I did ask him WHY BALI AGAIN ? and AGAIN ? . Aren't u feel bored ????
He replied to me with a saddened note :
" We used to walk together by the beach, holding hands and Bali was where we spent our time knowing each other closely, BAli was the place where we witnessed the beautiful sunset ever of Tanah LOt, BAli was where we smiled seeing the dolphins in Lovina, BAli was where we serenade our love in the quiet and tranquil Ubud..... and eventhough we are no longer together, being in Bali is another way of HOPE that things can reconcile between us , i can feel the presence !! "
I WAS TOUNGE-TIED , words of wisdom from a loyal person ,and before we departed after enjoying the delicious Indonesian style nasi goreng , I said to him..." there will be another person who will come and knock on your door and say helllo and open up your heart again and you just have to wait and if Bali is so special to you, keep coming back here !!"
From that time on, i know that we are going to be good buddy when we are back to Malaysia , sharing stories about life and motivating each other. Frankly speaking, i had a deja-vu that we have known each other for more than 10 years...ha ha

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Idol In Town

I bought the three albums of last year's 3 American Idol contestants debut album namely Kris Allen , Adam Lambert and Alison Iraheta but the trumphiant Kris is definitely the best among the three. He was in town recently for an autograph session in Mid Valley Megamall plus he threw a showcase for the ASTRO subscribers.. I missed to be part of the event. My friend , Clarence was at the venue and this pictures are published here by his courtesy. Thanks Clare !

He has natural talent in performing in front of the huge crowd.

I leave u all with the lyrics of his first single .

Sometimes we fall down and can't get back up
We're hiding behind skin that's too tough
How come we don't say I love you enough
Till it's too late, it's not too late
Our hearts are hungry for a food that won't come
We could make a feast from these crumbs
And we're all staring down the barrel of a gun
So if your life flashed before you, what would you wish you would've done
Yeah, gotta start
Looking at the hand of the time we've been given here
This is all we got and we gotta start thinkin' it
Every second counts on a clock that's tickin'
Gotta live like we're dying
We only got 86 400 seconds in a day
To turn it all around or throw it all away
We gotta tell 'em that we love 'em while we got the chance to say,
Gotta live like we're dying
And if you plane fell out of the skies
Who would you call with your last goodbyes
Should be so careful who we live out of our lives
So when we long for absolution, there'll be no one on the line

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Here Comes The February Again.... All STARS !!!

Here comes February , the month with the least number of days and the month that some people get little "smoochie" about love. Chinese New Year coincides with Valentine for this year. I just love to recommend this multiple love stories packed into one , studded with the A List actors. IT MUST HAVE BEEN GOOD to watch this drama on the big screen with mixed emotion because the stories make one laugh and cry.
For the one who is madly deeply in love and where some cinemas available, this is the best movie where you can book the lovely limited couple seats in GSC and enjoy the movie..
Happy CNY with Lots of Love (LOL !!!)