Sunday, July 26, 2009


Being not far from home, I was looking at the old photos from home collection the other day, trying to gain some memories of my past. I realized that i only have few limited photos of myself as a toddler. The few photos were at their lowest quality and turned blur. My parents were not into picture-taking as well.

This is not me of course, but i somehow look exactly like my sister's little son, Hanzalah, whose nickname is Hans. I decided to take plenty of photos of him because i wanted him when he grows up, being someone famous, someone educated and someone far better than me (i hope), he will not lose the memories of his childhood era.

He is just like me....kinda make me remember my childhood dreams......i wish he will follow the the right path to be SOMEBODY...not just anybody..

Friday, July 17, 2009


H1N1 yang menular seluruh dunia bagaikan menyentap semua bertindak , bagai reflex yang sudah hyper. Alhamdulilah , setakat ini tiada kes kematian H1N1 di dalam negara. Seluruh tenaga pekerja kesihatan semacam exhausted dengan wabak ini, membendung dan merawat kes kes positif. Sekarang kita telah memasuki fasa mitigasi. Apa tu ??

Mitigasi adalah fasa kita membendung komplikasi kerana H1N1 is everywhere in our community. Mengikut kenyataan akhbar 10 JUlai oleh KKM dan diperkukuhkan dengan pelaksanaan, kes kes di rawat kini sebagai seasonal flu dimana kes kes yang ditahan di wad adalah kes moderate to severe sahaja dan mereka ini sahaja diambil throat swab.

Yang pentingnya pesakit ada ILI (Influenza-like-illness) symptoms. Pengalaman terlibat dalam kawalan wabak dan jugak tempoh mitgasi memang memenatkan, menjadi hotline seluruh negeri bertanya tentang protokol.. memang penat tapi exciting !! Etika batuk yang baik juga adalah penting ..
Clinical assessment tool for moderate to severe influenza:

Patients with ILI and any of the following parameters should be considered for admission to the of nearest designated hospital :
Respiratory impairment: any of the following
Tachypnoea, respiratory rate > 24/min
Inability to complete sentence in one breath
Use of accessory muscles of respiration, supraclavicular recession
Oxygen saturation < 92% on pulse oximetry
Decreased effort tolerance since onset of ILI
Respiratory exhaustion
Chest pains
Evidence of clinical dehydration or clinical shock
Systolic BP < 90mmHg and/or diastolic BP < 60mmHg
Capillary refill time > 2 seconds, reduced skin turgor
Altered Conscious level (esp. in extremes of age)
New confusion, striking agitation or seizures
Other clinical concerns:
Rapidly progressive (esp. high fever > 3 days) or serious atypical illness
Severe & persistent vomiting

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some People, Some Heart

I love this pic , courtesy of the internet.....
Been busy lately with work and limited time to write again in this blog. Just some caption to suit the pic.
This 2 swan make a love symbol.... NICE !
If animals know how to love...why love sometimes was unkind to human?
when we are uncertain about love.....why our horoscope being analyzed and blamed ?
When we are ready for love...why things never happened ?
when love ends...... why we need to break down and cry ?
Some people, some heart... shooossshhhh !