Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Last Memorable Convo....

15 of August 2009 marked the day i was last involved in a graduation. Being one of the 14 doctors in my unit to receive the scroll of Masters in Internal Medicine. About a quarter of audience were in their mask due to H1N1 pandemic.
To add more memory to this special day , one of the senior lecturer of mine was honoured Professor Emeritus.. Her speech was truly inspirational and she definitely deserved a salute.
Her experience in making a wise decision when i did my training under her was simply phenomenal. Congrats to you Datin Norella CT Kong. It was a privillege to have you as our teacher.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Singapore After Last 4 Years Visit

It has been years since my last visit to Singapore . I have many friends in this LION city that i can hop at their place anytime for accomodation purpose but yeah, the currency and the busy routine life there somehow ruin my intention to pay them a visit.

well...finally i ended up being here again for a TECOS meeting, a study trial to be conducted for a period of 5 years. Few centres in Malaysia are accepted including the hospital i am practising now. It was a good meet up and discussion between delegates from other Asian countries the the heading team from UK and US.

Singapore has change a lot but better. The road system is enhanced and the cleanliness of the city centre is superb. The people are well-groomed and the facilities are at their tip-top condition. I started to love this city again and hopefully i will come back for more.....i had some thinking about migrating here one day once i get myself established in my career profile..

SINGAPORE.....keep it make neighbouring cities kinda jealous ! ha ha

Sunday, August 2, 2009

When Women On Their Bended Knees

During my recent visit to Penang (again??... yeah) for a neurology course, I managed to catch this much anticipated movie at the GSC in the largest Penang Mall, Queensbay. I know that this romantic comedy flick will be a major hit because Anne Fletcher directed it, Sandra Bullock came back to comedy genre and Ryan Reynolds is a huge star in the making.

A great laughter with a great deal of family value. Stunning performance from both Sandra and Ryan. They fell in love in 3 days which i think the magnificent Alaskan scenary had done something to contribute. It showed us that the more you learn about somebody, the characters and their emotions as well as their family background, the HATE can drastically change to the LOVE..

I bet some viewers had their touching moments at the movie climax when Margaret decided to reveal the truth at their wedding ceremony.. even a tough guy can sob !! ha ha

A recommended movie to be watched with your loved ones ! and i wish i can be just like Andrew Paxton.... rich, handsome, and the best part is to have a woman on her bended knees to propose...ha ha a!