Sunday, August 2, 2009

When Women On Their Bended Knees

During my recent visit to Penang (again??... yeah) for a neurology course, I managed to catch this much anticipated movie at the GSC in the largest Penang Mall, Queensbay. I know that this romantic comedy flick will be a major hit because Anne Fletcher directed it, Sandra Bullock came back to comedy genre and Ryan Reynolds is a huge star in the making.

A great laughter with a great deal of family value. Stunning performance from both Sandra and Ryan. They fell in love in 3 days which i think the magnificent Alaskan scenary had done something to contribute. It showed us that the more you learn about somebody, the characters and their emotions as well as their family background, the HATE can drastically change to the LOVE..

I bet some viewers had their touching moments at the movie climax when Margaret decided to reveal the truth at their wedding ceremony.. even a tough guy can sob !! ha ha

A recommended movie to be watched with your loved ones ! and i wish i can be just like Andrew Paxton.... rich, handsome, and the best part is to have a woman on her bended knees to propose...ha ha a!


Ms B said...

i'm planning to watch this, tho unsure when. the age gap between them did not matter at all. But the again, sandra looks hot for her age.

Wahidah said...

best ke citer ne...dgr citer jalan citer mcm bese jer..

syukur said...

Ms B :
go and watch the movie... Sandra looks better as her age advances..

Wahidah :
memang citer agak biasa .. tapi dgn lakonan yg cemerlang menjadikan cerita ni menghiburkan, tambahan if u go to watch it dgn org yg di sayangi..ha ha

Ekin said...

Nak tgk citer nih jugak.. romantic comedy, a must. hmm the sexy shoes are so it red color underneath? (i've seen in somewhere online, giler tinggi) huhuhu

CATZ said...

plan nak tgk movie ni..
mcm bestt je..suka gak citer genre cam nih....
i likeee sandra bullock.....
cantiklah dia tu...

syukur said...

Ekin :
pergi !
Nak beli kasut cam tu ker?? ha ha ha

Catz :
Jgn plan plan..pergi aje
gurantee best punya.. filem yg menghiburkan.

JHaZKiTaRo said...

salam dari pelajar di bumi eire.. blog hopping..

Ekin said...

Teringin nak pakai.. unfortunately.. tak boleh ketika berjln.. dok dlm office, or dlm kereta atleast. :D

Wahidah said...

dgn org tersayang eik..hahaha..

CATZ said...

dr syuk,

i watched this movie yesterday. hahha..i watched it alone during opis hour. so org tak ramai ponnn
so gelak le sorang-sorang kuat-kuat
since org lain oso ketawa mcm nak rak..
ke ke ke...
yes..i love this moviee!!!
wow...i wish i live in sitka alaska..
the place is sooooo beautiful..
wow...cantik gila kan sitka itu..tetiba rasa nak ke sana.
yea..andrew is so lucky..he is handsome and rich...margaret is the lucky one!!!!! saya sgt suka sandra bullock..i bagi movie ni 4.7/5 bintang..
entertaining !!