Thursday, July 31, 2008

Royal Orchird Sheraton, Bangkok

Terletak berdekatan Menam Chao Phraya, lokasi hotel lima bintang ni menjadi mercu tanda brand Sheraton di Bangkok. Wow..bestnya kat sini sebab dah lah free... and it costs about RM 500 per night untuk room yang paling murah...errr... tapi dulu pernah duduk di Conrad ( lagi gempak !!!) di Thailand waktu pergi dengan MTV Asia di Ricky Martin Asian album launch few years back... Not only i met Ricky himself and talked to him for like 5 minutes in the hotel sauna.. an unforgettable moment to meet the international star.. a very humble man.. cuma gambar ambil dulu ntah pergi kemana dah...

Dekor yang cantik kat luar lobi hotel menarik perhatian..

Meja eksekutif di dalam bilik ini...mmmmm.. nice.

Bathroom toiletteries.....and below ada 42 inch LCD TV wow.

Macam painting kan ??? tapi ni bunga hidup ni..menghiasi kamar beradu.. mmm romantika d' armour .. he he

The useful wake up call please !!!

Nice comfort towels....

Dekor sekitaran hotel......

Me, Dr Fauzi and Dr Sri Rangga... antara doktor yang vogue and MUDA dalam delegasi kali ni.... he he he... vogue ker??

The pool , gambar dari kamar aku....

Lobi hotel.... yang begitu gah bergaya...

Lobby lounge.............ada band malam malam but the singer nyanyi sumbang nyerrrrr... he he


Al-Hilal Restaurant , Bangkok

Al Hilal Restaurant di bandar Bangkok ni terletak sedikit outskirt of the town... so perjalanan agak jauh juga.. delegasi dibawa kesini dan bila sampai ajer kita orang terus melahap sebab lapar gila..sampai tak ingat nak click click dah... lepas licin pinggan baru ingat nak ambil gambar.

Al Hilal dah dekat nak sampai ke Suvarnabhurmi Airport balik dah.. Jauh sikit sikit laaa... Makanannya kurang sikit dari my fave Mak Yah Restaurant...Kalau kat sini boleh pilih sama ada nak makan dalam kedai yang berhawa dingin atau open air tepi small lake garden macam kat bawah ni.

Bertentangan dengan Al Hilal ni ada masjid yang dapat dilihat.. cantik binaannya.. sejuk dan nyaman sekejap hati nurani walaupun berada di kota Bangkok yang begitu seductive ni.. he he..

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Everyhting Going Cheap In Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak Market is a heaven for shopping lovers. I never miss to have a visit to this place while staying in Bangkok. The huge area of shops that sell everything that you need and it opens ONLY on the weekends (both Saturdays and Sundays). I went there again with the doctors/specialists this time around and i became like an experienced tourist guide showing them around. The place is situated near the Mo Chit BTS station and Chatuchak MRT station , so it is hassle-free to get to this place.

My colleagues and friends spent a lot that days and i could see they grinned widely , a sign of total satisfaction for the overzealous bargain..mmmm... and i spoke simple Thai so that the retailers would reduce the price further thinking i was a pure Thai. Dr Sri Rangga bought 2 new bags just to fill up the merchandises and other things. and Dr Norli too....waaaa..Dr Fauzi bought many porcelain mugs which were beautifully designed.

This unique electrical fan looked very amazing....mmmm with its golden colour.

Some other stuffs that one can purchase in this market.


Sri Rangga bought these spices for his Thai Tomyam ....

Thailand T-Shirt.....

Veru unique and special couple T Shirts ..for someone who feels LOVE is in the air now....

Could not really remember wether these were coconut shells ..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mak Yah Muslim Restaurant

If you happen to visit Bangkok and find difficulty to search for a nice muslim restaurant, maybe Mak Yah Muslim restaurant caters your need for a nice `halal' fine dining in Bangkok city. One has to pronounce the name carefully or it will give different meaning all together.. he he.. I've been for the first time about 3 years ago. My initial visit was with a bunch of Singaporean friends whom i met during my trip to Bangkok and since then i will make sure my Bangkok trip will not be complete without having meal in this restaurant. The entrance is very forthcoming.

It opens everyday without fail at this very hours...

The nice decor one may find inside the restaurant

We were actually on the way back from Chatuchak Market after spending like 4 solid hours there. Gosh ... 3 of them are real shoppers... I helped them carrying the excess bags.. he he. When we reach this restaurant, we were really in hungry state. Mak Yah Restaurant is easily accesible from the BTS line (Ratchadewi Station). Dr. Asri Rangga (cardiologist Serdang Hospital), Dr Norli (HUKM) and Dr Fauzi (Kuala Pilah) were there joining the dinner... and Dr Asri decided to treat us that night.. well thanks Asri.

This what we had on that dinner....again thank you Asri...(nanti boleh belanja lagi..he he)

Do try visit this restaurant if you are in Bangkok and it has 2 stories that can accomodate about 80 people at one time. Most of the workers here can speak Bahasa fluently because they hailed from Pattani province area. You ll be entertain by the golden Malay oldies like Jamal Abdillah, Aishah and others thorugh the speaker....mmmmm . This is the full address... (kak ... i dah promote ni,,nanti kasi free tau !!!)