Monday, July 28, 2008

Cardio and Vascular Medicine..International Symposium in Asia Pacific

I am truly honoured to be part of Malaysian delegates in this 2 days symposium took place in one of famous Asian city....Bangkok... i've been there for many times before for shopping and travelling but this partly work trip was an awesome one because i've known few new friends and medical specialists from Malaysia and other Asian countries..

The event kicked off on the 26th July 2008, mainly concentrating on the latest trial by this drug company ...ONTARGET TRIAL.. which comparing the ACE inhibitors, ARB and the use of combination of both drugs. The concentration was of course towards Telmisartan (Micardis) the sponsor drug. Me at the conference....

You have to see the picture below carefully....have you notice that the black shadow at the centre... well was it me taking the picture of somebody from the other world ? Just like from the Movie ..The Shutter mmmmm scary..

Dr Norli, Tony from Boehringer and his colleague and sitting down was Dr Fauzi... physician from Kuala Pilah Hospital.

The opening ceremony was done by Thai's famous medical intellect , Prasart Laothavorn ,MD

Professor Thomas Unger from Germany was one of the speakers..... i heard him before in KL giving a dinner talk ..


Josh said...

Wa, bestnyer gi seminar camni. Boleh swab idea, exchange contact, and networking.

More photos please. hehehe

axim said...

good job doc!!!