Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Angkor Watt And Time Off From Blogging For A While..

I have just came back from the Cambodian Trip to Siam Reap on last Monday..Yup physically, mentally and emotionally a bit tired..I don't really know why because a trip supposed to be a rejuvenation one for me... maybe the weather of alternating hot, humid and rain and muddy flood made this one a tough one..ha ha. Bringing with you a rain coat or a poncho willl certainly help a lot. Angkor Watt and Angkor Thom are simply amazing. I got a chance to be at the front deck of a boat along the floating village of Tonle Sap river whereby one would photograph countless good beautiful photos for their own sweet memories of this place. And please be there near sunset time because it is sooooo breath-taking at that time.

They accepted both Real Cambodian and USD for trading here.. but the people prefers USD than their own local currency. They want dollar and keep on screaming one dollar only, 2 dollar only !!!!ha ha.. can't forget that..ha ha

I did post all pictures collection in my Facebook ....lot of them actually...and kindly add me there if you want to review all the pics.
To my avid readers, i need to take time off from blogging world for nearly a month (minimum) and hopefully i ll come back soon. I apologize for that but to friends, blogger friends and everyone out there who know my number or e-mail ..do keep in touch and i will still be active in my Facebook account. Buzz me there !!
WHY ??? Mmmm i guess it is time for me to focus on things i need to do for the time being...work has been abundant. And partly, because i need to spend time doing things like reading more, teaching my medical students under my care more( overjoyed that all my previous students passed their exam with flying colours!!! need to keep that good reputation..ha ha ha), spending my quality time at home more, training one of my friend for weight reduction at the gym, and so many other things that i render important now.. Blogging is important too but yeah...i am pretty empty of words right now with jammed ideas...I need to come back later with more motivating entries and hopefully i can inspire everyone out there...i have to analyze back because sometimes, people thought my life was great, has awesome job , nice "makan " activities and a very inspirational to others, but what IF some of it truly was a complete failure for me myself. Thank you everyone.... Yeah..i promise you i will be back.. See ya !

I leave you all with this beautiful song by Faizal Tahir ..Sampai Syurga...ENJOY it in my song section !