Sunday, September 6, 2015


I supposed to pen down something very sweet when thinking about cupcakes. Yes, the complex sugar content easily turn everyone to diabetes. The delicate taste of the chocolate flavor was simply amazing. Some would prefer the red velvets.

Nevertheless, this picture not just about this cute minions cupcakes. They were designed to represent the 6 of us  when we were close to each other. Life is too short and while we were thinking all the future plans in our head and busy with our life, we lost one of the cupcakes.

To be frank, i was truly shocked our friend succumbed to her terminally ill final stage of cancer.  It is a great loss and all i can do now is praying that Allah grant her with Jannah..

Sunday, July 12, 2015


I was in hiatus for nearly a year. It was obvious that work has taken more priority than my frantic attempt to blog. People always say a year older means a lot wiser. I believe without doubt that the statement is true. In fact, pursuing my career seemed to be the single most important thing in my life right now. Work has tripled if not doubled. I have counted again my age. It advances so rapidly even though my mind keep picturing me as in my 20's. And often too,  that people at this age questioned themselves about what future will be for them. What achievements have they showed to the world ? Sigh ....Life is tough but it is good.It teaches you about independence and no matter how hard you try, in certain scenario you doomed to fail. Most importantly, how do you strike back to garner some victories at the end .