Saturday, May 31, 2008

KLCC Dari Balkoni

Hari sementalah bercuti, tak banyak rancangan sebab minggu ni aje dah terpaksa on-call EOD (every other day). Tak larat... macam dah dapat chronic fatigue syndrome dah. Ahad nanti on call lagi tetapi dah start buat registrar call. Kepada yang non medical , registrar ni umpama junior specialist la.Jeles jugak kat separuh ahli jabatan yang dapat pergi ke KK, Sabah untuk MEMS meeting. So hari ni aku duduk kat rumah ajer sebelah pagi..laundry (sendiri tau !) dan update blog serta balas e-mail , dengar muzik. Pukul 3.30 ptg pergi ke FF di Manulife macam biasa dan dinner kat rumah my sister di Sri Hartamas. Makan free..ha ha.

Sambil rehat tu.. tak de kerja buka la DSLR aku ambil gambar KLCC ni dari balkoni kat rumah. Waa.. strategik banget balkoni aku. Lepas tu dengar pulak dari radio lagu Mawi..Langitmu Biru (tak ingat dah full title) sambil menikmati panorama KLCC yang indah ni.. Mmmmm tenteram jiwa.

Must Buy Monthly Magazine

Do you buy magazine regularly ? Or probably you subscribe and wait for the delivery to your door. I love reading magazine that of my interest and provides me with the information and worth a read. I find my life incomplete without having these 4 magazines each month.

Men's Health malaysian edition is for gym-freak and health concious people. Retailed at RM 10, it is definitely worth a buy. The exercises, the grooming tips and other men's articles are adjusted to our local scene. Ever wonder when it is my turn to pose like Zawen on this May cover. Ha ha.... i must be daydreaming. I consider it a complete guide to men this era.

Readily known for a year now , Zero Degrees is a travel magazine. RM 12 is the monthly price. What i like the most about this magazine is the well-photographed pictures of scenary and beautiful places domestically and also across the globe. They even hired professional photographers to work with them. haaa Shah and Hamdi.... why don't both of you send a resume?

Since i bought my DSLR Nikon camera, i 've been addicted to this one. The technique of photography and everything about it you can learn from here. I just have to spend my RM 9 each month for this monthly installment.

Well.... this one keeps me to the entertainment world. Less gossip, more updates and stories, this magazine received an accolade as best cover style in one of the asian entertainment magazine poll. It has plenty of giveaways for the readers to win. It helps to keep my life least. Rm 5.90 is nothing much as compared to its content.

Let me know what are/is your favourite mags ? Share it why... ok... Ciao for now.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thank You Treat

It is like a tradition in our department to treat the lecturers and colleagues with a nice party with good food when one passed their exam. Held yesterday at around 1pm, we gathered in our library section for the party. Chan was the mastermind and did the money collection. It started with thank you speech from mmm Datuk J...??? and respective lecturers subsequently.

Waaaa.... can you guess who was the first to start the `makan' thing ??? yesss yess.. your guess is RIGHT ... oppsss sorry.

We've got 3 cakes from Secret recipe to add some flavours to our `makanan kampung" style that lunch hour. This one was nice..mmmm.. i've eaten too many cakes this week.. Gosh !

I liked the muffins and its decoration. Simple looking but the colours made it stand out . The taste was a SO-SO.

My dedicated colleagues and professors were eagerly waiting for `makan' time.

I have a plate of rice with fish and sambal belacan, some squid and vegetables and 3 slices of cakes...ops and fried noodles... and the muffin and.... aaaaa too many to mention. Again, it was all about appreciating people... and the tradition should continue..

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Makan Makan di Tupai Tupai

Hari Isnin lepas...aku keluar dengan rakan rakan sekerja di Jabatan Perubatan. Lokasi tempat makan ni Hamdi la yang cadangkan. Perfect choice... aku suka sangat dengan steamboat buffet style kat sini sambil makan sambil borak borak. Yelah kat jabatan asyik bincang pasal hal hal perubatan jer... so we gossip and talk about something else that night.

Mmmm..malam tu Dr Andrea, Dr Nafisah dan Dr Aizan yang belanja... sebab all of us yang datang malam tu pernah terlibat dalam exam student di jabatan yang mereka incharge. Aku suka sangat dengan Tupai Tupai ini . Mungkin boleh datang lagi nanti...Anyway... gambar kat bawah ni semua yang datang malam tu. Aku melantak habis malam tu... Bak kata Yazid... best makan free ni.

Buffet style dia banyak variety. Ambil sahaja dan letak dalam gravy steambot tu.. Yummy. Meja malam tak penuh mungkin bukan sebab weekend. Sebenarnya ambil gambar banyak sangat tetapi sebab blogspot ni lambat sangat download gambar.... sesiapa yang nak tengok gambar gambar lain..boleh gi my FB yerrr.

Nasib baik malam tu tumpang kereta Shahrazat... kalau aku yang drive mungkin dah tertidur.. haha.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Perfume...My Scent

Everybody loves the freshness and hates the stink smell and body odour. Men sweat more than the ladies, and that is the concrete reason we need perfume badly. Perfume that suits oneself is indistinctive and caters the wearer own personality. Some like the soft smell while other prefer the pungent and musculine smell. As a rule.... DO wear soft smell on night occasion cause you may disturb others with the harsh smell.

I love perfume... and below are some that i'd tried. Well...again i did not pay any single cent for the perfume.. ha ha.... lucky?? They are either presents from somebody or prizes from the magazine contests i'd won. Of course ..i did buy them once in a while

David Beckham has very sensual smell .. yeah yeah like the man himself. Perfect to spray on night occasion and the smell easily dissappeared if you spray in daytime. Got this from Men's Health magazine. Still a quarter of the volume left.

My sister gave me this one as a present. The smell is quite strong and i normally wear it during outdoor activities. Givenchy is sassy..mmmm

Paul Smith Stories has magnificent smell. I definitely like this one very very much.. It suits my personality well and the best part is it can both be used day or night. Futhermore, the smell stays for a long durable time. Personally, i am a great fan of other Paul Smith men perfume as well. You will not regret this one. Try it.....

Even for me.. i 've got two bottles and i bought one of them. Love it today, tomorrow and forever.

Davidoff Echo has similar quality as Givenchy. Well, i photographed this picture purposefully next to the speaker because it is ECHOooooo man. I could not remember who gave me this. I use it intermittently for a change.

Thank you to my beloved sister who sometimes bought me a bottle of perfume everytime she has to go for an outstation work or when she dropped by the tax- free gift shop at the airport. Keep it coming, sis...i love present ..ha ha.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Food In Eccucino

Well....these were some of the food that we tried in Eccucino last night for that buffer dinner... and the best part was we did not have to pay any single cent for the abundant food that we ate.

These pieces of cakes were mine. Coud not remember by now which flavour was which...

They even served satay , a traditional Malaysian cuisine.

This one was Yazid's. He took all the decor toppings on the cake, leaving the rest of the cake look empty... ha ha... yeah yeah ... to make our blogs look outstanding.

The plenty of food there in Eccucino. Just love the decor.

Ice cream at the end..............mmmmmmmmm.

I was so hungry last night after skipping my lunch due to hectic work and this was the first plate of mine last night just to combat the hungry stomach.

The fajitas was Hamdi's.... waaaa... my pictures were getting better now.

Meats and salmon and some seafood.

I love chocolate now, tomorrow and forever.... see below

This was Hamdi's again... he is definitely an eater.

Next week will be a lot `makan' again. Next Monday, we are going to Tupai tupai...Food is so irresistable.

Eccucino , Prince Hotel

Aaaaaa..... Inilah kami berempat keluaq ( i can still speak utara??)makan. Ini dekat Eccucino, Prince Hotel di Bukit Bintang. Mulanya nak pergi awal sikit.. tapi my ward round dengan my respiratory consultant finish late..... 15 minutes before 7 that day (tapi memang best kalau buat round dengan Prof. Roslina)... so kami bertolak lepas Maghrib.
Hamdi dengan Yazid as selalu memang so poise, vogue kalau nak ambil gambar..... tengoklah sendiri. Aku dengan Shah cool dan maintain jer. Yazid asyik marah aku sebab tak senyum on camera.. He he Sorry.
Hari ni on call... so tak sempat nak download apa yang kami makan tapi nanti aku update kan apa yang kami makan... Namanya pun buffet kan... so melantak lah... Hari Ahad kena work out gila gila kat gym lah nak burn balik kalori. So sapa yang ahli FF.. do come and join me work your body hari Ahad di FF Manara Manulife..ok?


Mike is one the Indonesia Idol winner . He proves that the huge talent is far better than to gain popularity in other desperate meassure (i hope you know what i mean)
His sweet and soaring voice is very unique and the falsetto is perfect. If you are one the big fans of R&B, you have to listen to this album. All tracks were beautifully written and amazingly delivered.
He is one of the potential male vocalist to make it big in the indonesia music scene. Tracks that i like more in this album package are Semua untuk Cinta, Kembali and Sempurnakan Mimpiku. I am fully recommended this one.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lung Function Test

I will be finishing my respiratory posting by the end of May before continuing to become a registrar in our Medical Department. As a rule and redeemed to be compulsary, every medical officers, trainees who join the unit has to get a simple lung function test done to themselves.
Above picture is the machine to record the parameters in simple lung function test. It aims to differentiate between obstructive lung diseases such as asthma and COPD and restrictive lung diseases such as lung fibrosis and mechanical problems. I have got mine today.

I have to blow my lungs out through that hose . Errrrrr... My kind lab staff was assisting me during that test. AAaaa... a great suffer.

This one again.......It sounds simple but one needs to follow the instruction carefully for the test to be interpreted at its best value.

Mmmmmm... well... my test was essensially normal and in fact, i have a very good lung indeed. FEV1 is the volume exhaled during the first second of a forced expiratory maneuver started from the level of total lung capacity. FVC is my forced vital lung capacity. PEFR is my peak flow which was recorded fantastically above the predicted value.

So... readers.... don't smoke and quit smoking now before it is a little too late...and to my colleague .. get this test done and appreciate it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Cinta Or Love ??

Cinta was the first Malay version of the movie from Khabir Bhatia , a very innovative and creative director. This movie with so much `Love Actually' style was a great movie indeed. The cinematography was superb. Well, i have to admit, tears ran down from my eyes as the story reached its climax. Among the five stories, i liked the one by Rashidi Ishak and Rita Rudaini and their cute daughter. Thumbs up for the whole crew.

Love was the adapted Indonesian remake of the original version. The casts came from Indonesian best actor and actress pool. Love has better emotion as compared to its predecessor. Coming from the same creative director, there were a lot of similarities from the storyline. The original score was better and the movie theme song was soooo purrrfect (Sempurna). I wonder why a dull voice of a Malaysian super lad was also on that soundtrack.

Which one do you like better ? Well in my opinion, both has equal share but in term of the emotion, i prefer Love ( I AM NOT ANTI MALAYSIAN PRODUCT).

Ye Haaaa... I Pass My Part II A Med Exam

This embarks a new beginning of me... the blogging world. Now i have time to pursue my interest in this blog arena and i will use bilanguange both in English and Bahasa in my subsequent post. I am overjoyed at the moment simply because i had passed my Part II exam which renders to be the toughest among the exam i have to go through in this 4 years Internal Medicine course.

I love to write and i love to read other people masterpieces too. This is ME, my life , my journey and of course... MY STYLE.