Saturday, May 31, 2008

Must Buy Monthly Magazine

Do you buy magazine regularly ? Or probably you subscribe and wait for the delivery to your door. I love reading magazine that of my interest and provides me with the information and worth a read. I find my life incomplete without having these 4 magazines each month.

Men's Health malaysian edition is for gym-freak and health concious people. Retailed at RM 10, it is definitely worth a buy. The exercises, the grooming tips and other men's articles are adjusted to our local scene. Ever wonder when it is my turn to pose like Zawen on this May cover. Ha ha.... i must be daydreaming. I consider it a complete guide to men this era.

Readily known for a year now , Zero Degrees is a travel magazine. RM 12 is the monthly price. What i like the most about this magazine is the well-photographed pictures of scenary and beautiful places domestically and also across the globe. They even hired professional photographers to work with them. haaa Shah and Hamdi.... why don't both of you send a resume?

Since i bought my DSLR Nikon camera, i 've been addicted to this one. The technique of photography and everything about it you can learn from here. I just have to spend my RM 9 each month for this monthly installment.

Well.... this one keeps me to the entertainment world. Less gossip, more updates and stories, this magazine received an accolade as best cover style in one of the asian entertainment magazine poll. It has plenty of giveaways for the readers to win. It helps to keep my life least. Rm 5.90 is nothing much as compared to its content.

Let me know what are/is your favourite mags ? Share it why... ok... Ciao for now.


Beruang Madu aka Honey Bear said...

syuk...bagi aku pinjam Shuk... jadi library lah rumah ko nanti... leh tak??

Shah said...

Digital Camera magazine tu dah tentu wajib beli tiap2 bulan. Tapi Zero Degrees tu kekadang susah jumpa la... Love the photos in that magazine.

Ekin said...

waa byknya mag pakcik.. currently i hv two must hv mag. CLEO and SHAPE.. ihiks.. am looking for TECH n INFO mag like "" tgk2 dkt kedai mag hmm macam tak der.

syukur said...

Beruang Madu : boleh boleh... bila aku pergi BAngkok dan Jakarta aku sambar sekali dia punya Men's Health edisi kat sana.

Shah : Zero Degrees mesti ada kalau kau beli dekat Kedai biasa memang susah sikit.try to enter the contest.. aku pernah menang trip ke Bali hari tu.. he ha

Ekin : Cleo and Shape.. memang very womanly.. ha ha

edina monsoon said...

There's a mag shop at the top floor of sg wang...which sells mags at a ridiculously cheap price. example...hello mag ( usual price at rm 13 costs a mere RM 3 at this shop. Good way to save money. I saw chan there a week before the MMED exam. *ahem* so we know what HE was reading instead of studying. TUt tut!!

M@x said...

Used to buy Men Heatlh but got bored of it. My must by magazine every month is FIRST magazine. All about the latest movies. Love the reviews.

syukur said...

Edina : is it old edition ??

Max : I've seen First mag but never flip through the content.

edina monsoon said...

yes. But some issues are only a few weeks old. Check it out and save yourself some money. ( to buy bigger camera )