Sunday, May 25, 2008

Perfume...My Scent

Everybody loves the freshness and hates the stink smell and body odour. Men sweat more than the ladies, and that is the concrete reason we need perfume badly. Perfume that suits oneself is indistinctive and caters the wearer own personality. Some like the soft smell while other prefer the pungent and musculine smell. As a rule.... DO wear soft smell on night occasion cause you may disturb others with the harsh smell.

I love perfume... and below are some that i'd tried. Well...again i did not pay any single cent for the perfume.. ha ha.... lucky?? They are either presents from somebody or prizes from the magazine contests i'd won. Of course ..i did buy them once in a while

David Beckham has very sensual smell .. yeah yeah like the man himself. Perfect to spray on night occasion and the smell easily dissappeared if you spray in daytime. Got this from Men's Health magazine. Still a quarter of the volume left.

My sister gave me this one as a present. The smell is quite strong and i normally wear it during outdoor activities. Givenchy is sassy..mmmm

Paul Smith Stories has magnificent smell. I definitely like this one very very much.. It suits my personality well and the best part is it can both be used day or night. Futhermore, the smell stays for a long durable time. Personally, i am a great fan of other Paul Smith men perfume as well. You will not regret this one. Try it.....

Even for me.. i 've got two bottles and i bought one of them. Love it today, tomorrow and forever.

Davidoff Echo has similar quality as Givenchy. Well, i photographed this picture purposefully next to the speaker because it is ECHOooooo man. I could not remember who gave me this. I use it intermittently for a change.

Thank you to my beloved sister who sometimes bought me a bottle of perfume everytime she has to go for an outstation work or when she dropped by the tax- free gift shop at the airport. Keep it coming, sis...i love present ..ha ha.


m@x said...

hi syukur.
Welcome to blogging world. :)
Please visit mine too.

Ekin said...

huhu.. Awesome is the correct word to describe ur first blog.. cayalahh. Not bad at all for a first timer..

Ouch.. tag nya mana syuks ? ihiks..

Beruang Madu aka Honey Bear said...

aku jarang beli minyak wangi walaupun kalau berpeluh aku busuk... biasanya orang bagi hadiah... jadi minyak wangiyg banyak2 kat umah aku tu semua orang hadiah.. best tak??

syukur said...

To Max : Tq very much for the encouragement

To Ekin : ye ye nanti akan bubuh tag kat situ.... tq.. ni kena belanja ni sebab puji melangit.. haha

To Beruang madu : ish ish.. tak habis habis suka benda benda free.. he he just joking. suka la gambar dekat perlis tu. canteeek sgt.