Saturday, May 24, 2008

Food In Eccucino

Well....these were some of the food that we tried in Eccucino last night for that buffer dinner... and the best part was we did not have to pay any single cent for the abundant food that we ate.

These pieces of cakes were mine. Coud not remember by now which flavour was which...

They even served satay , a traditional Malaysian cuisine.

This one was Yazid's. He took all the decor toppings on the cake, leaving the rest of the cake look empty... ha ha... yeah yeah ... to make our blogs look outstanding.

The plenty of food there in Eccucino. Just love the decor.

Ice cream at the end..............mmmmmmmmm.

I was so hungry last night after skipping my lunch due to hectic work and this was the first plate of mine last night just to combat the hungry stomach.

The fajitas was Hamdi's.... waaaa... my pictures were getting better now.

Meats and salmon and some seafood.

I love chocolate now, tomorrow and forever.... see below

This was Hamdi's again... he is definitely an eater.

Next week will be a lot `makan' again. Next Monday, we are going to Tupai tupai...Food is so irresistable.


Beruang Madu aka Honey Bear said...

Best lah Syukur makan makan free macam nih.. buat lah selalu... ko takut gemok ker.. kardio lah... pas tu makan lagi kardio lagi makan lagi

Shah said...

Bro thanks for the treat. Sori la lambat ucap - the past few days malas bebenor nak bukak komputer