Monday, May 19, 2008

Cinta Or Love ??

Cinta was the first Malay version of the movie from Khabir Bhatia , a very innovative and creative director. This movie with so much `Love Actually' style was a great movie indeed. The cinematography was superb. Well, i have to admit, tears ran down from my eyes as the story reached its climax. Among the five stories, i liked the one by Rashidi Ishak and Rita Rudaini and their cute daughter. Thumbs up for the whole crew.

Love was the adapted Indonesian remake of the original version. The casts came from Indonesian best actor and actress pool. Love has better emotion as compared to its predecessor. Coming from the same creative director, there were a lot of similarities from the storyline. The original score was better and the movie theme song was soooo purrrfect (Sempurna). I wonder why a dull voice of a Malaysian super lad was also on that soundtrack.

Which one do you like better ? Well in my opinion, both has equal share but in term of the emotion, i prefer Love ( I AM NOT ANTI MALAYSIAN PRODUCT).


Ekin said...

i Luv Cinta, but nvr watch Love.. best ke? I hate the song by the indon's lady (tak ingat nama).. hmm probably something wrong with my eardrum.. ihiks.. sengau habis(betul ke spelling nih?.. jht aku)

syukur said...

Gita Gutawa yang nyanyi lagu tu... best aper..Sempurnaaaaa....