Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thank You Treat

It is like a tradition in our department to treat the lecturers and colleagues with a nice party with good food when one passed their exam. Held yesterday at around 1pm, we gathered in our library section for the party. Chan was the mastermind and did the money collection. It started with thank you speech from mmm Datuk J...??? and respective lecturers subsequently.

Waaaa.... can you guess who was the first to start the `makan' thing ??? yesss yess.. your guess is RIGHT ... oppsss sorry.

We've got 3 cakes from Secret recipe to add some flavours to our `makanan kampung" style that lunch hour. This one was nice..mmmm.. i've eaten too many cakes this week.. Gosh !

I liked the muffins and its decoration. Simple looking but the colours made it stand out . The taste was a SO-SO.

My dedicated colleagues and professors were eagerly waiting for `makan' time.

I have a plate of rice with fish and sambal belacan, some squid and vegetables and 3 slices of cakes...ops and fried noodles... and the muffin and.... aaaaa too many to mention. Again, it was all about appreciating people... and the tradition should continue..


Beruang Madu aka Honey Bear said...

Syukor... hati hati dong... nanti naik betul macam dulu tu...nak ker??

edina monsoon said...

Chan punya kereta kena clamp tau:( kesian dia. Nice pictures!! The cakes were delicious...I ate a lot!!

syukur said...

Beruang MAdu : tak per .. exercise exercise dan gym lagi... to keep in shape

Edina Monsoon : You are the one who finished all the cakes ...mmmm but they were simply delicious.. i agree.. too hard to resist