Sunday, June 12, 2011

X45.... Way To Get Fitter In Faster Way ?? Here Comes The Experiment :)

I was choosen among 10 bloggers residing in Sabah to share the experience of X45, a new strategy to get fitter in faster way. All excited to see the end result, i ll be enrolled in this all-exclusive bloggers invite for a week. It will be slightly different from my gym routine of running 5 km on the threadmill and lifting up weights to boost up my muscle size, X45 is deemed to have more hollistic in its approach . Something new and something fresh and i am eagerly waiting to try it out.

I am a definite fitness freak ! I do marathon, sports, hiking and cycling and wish i can go extra miles in obtaining higher degree of fitness level.


X45 .....BRING IT ON :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

GO GREEN ... Your Life Gets Greener Too :)

I was looking for a greener path of life in this new vicinity. Amazed with the natural elements in Borneo, i set green colour as one of my main home colours.

Green gives such a refreshing feeling at home.

Sunday's visit to Gaya Street Market creates a new hobby in me that i could never imagine i am so much into it :)

Go green too in my washroom :)

The plants actually give oxygen to refresh home and they act as nice decor too....
I do hope life is always greener for me here and i really fell in love with this new hobby :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Speed, The Adrenalin Rush and The Determination .....GO-KARTING !!!

When all that matter is SPEED, when you desire another episode of adrenalin rush, when you need focus and determination, then you should go for go-kart ! No doubt that this motoring sport is pretty expensive to spend your penny on but the experience is truly amazing. I was drenched in sweat as i finished the race. For a reminder, safety always comes first. Do it fast and do it safe :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cant Take My Eyes Off This View

Evening skies never fail to impress ! Majestic as they always be. Looking at them such a breather, de-stressing your major concern that particular day. I am glad that i am here ..such a " sweet serendipity"

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Sky-scrapper City

The picture above was taken during my recent visit to Hong Kong for a conference. Hong Kong is living in a fast pace, the urge, the rush, the desire marked the city as one of Asia metropolitan. The sky-scrappers stand tall just next to each other . No wonder among 2o tallest buildings in the world, Hong Kong dominates 30 % of it .

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Serangan Takotsubo

Ini adalah filem menunjukkan prosedur Left Ventriculography untuk mengetahui fungsi jantung di ruang ventrikel kiri. Bersandarkan pada penemu asas diagnosis ini, kejadian gagal fungsi jantung sementara yang boleh berlaku pada seseorang yang mengalami stress yang teruk akibat rembesan hormon katekolamin yang berlebihan . Patologi sebenar yang berlaku sukar di fahami . Pesakit mengalami gejala gagal jantung sementara dan dengan rawatan dan pemulihan stress akan mengembalikan fungsi jantung ke normal. Beberapa kajian menunjukkan ia lebih banyak berlaku pada orang yang mengalami trauma teruk, kesedihan melampau, selepas putus cinta dan kehilangan insan tersayang. " TAKOTSUBO CARDIOMYOPATHY " atau Broken-Heart Syndrome di ambil sempena Octopus Strap Jepun .

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A New Chapter Of My Life

" Boleh Bah kalo ko " ... it is everyday magic word uttered by Sabahan people and even transformed into some ethnic music lyric. Maybe that magic spell makes some expats decline to leave this Borneo land and stay here forever. I made my footsteps to begin my new life, my new chapter and my new focus of work. There are things should be left forgotten., but i did pack few memorable things either i received as a present or a numeration.... yeah...they were priceless !!!

Been here already 3 weeks, i am close to be "reborn" . I felt something this beautiful land has to offer me , rejuvenating me in comfort and letting my previous miserable life vanquished by itself. Sabahan people are very kind and even my Semenanjung friends who live here adapting themselves to that kindness. For a second , this is a real retreat that one can never expect to get apart from Sabah :)

I hope i ll find total happiness here . My sincere thanks to my Semenanjung alliance here for picking me up at the airport , being hostile and let me borrow their car initially, my KL friend who originally from Luyang who got me my current place, my Sabahan friends, colleagues here and also to my KL friends who gave encouragement and checked wether i am fine here.... "Budi yang baik dikenang jua"...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have to admit i am addicted to this Indonesian "sinetron" which is aired over TV9 and the story plots never end eventhough it already reached more than 150 sounds unusual ..ha ha. but yet the story is still exaggerating !

"Cinta And Anugerah" is a story about first love and the twist and turn , the betrayal, temporary dissapearance, revenge, family dispute and of course , star-studded kind of telenovela. At least , the sinetron keeps my family glued to the channel having our evening tea while watching it together.

Futhermore, what so special besides all the Indonesian stars is that, 2 Malaysian actors act in it..none other than the popular , Ashraff Sinclair aka Mr. Bunga Citra Lestari and Keith Foo, Malaysian chinese who speaks fluent Indonesian languange.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I managed to deviate from year end work crises to visit the capital of Republic of China and if it wasn't for an important meeting , i had no business to be here once again. My pioneer visit was almost 15 years ago and it was courtesy or a present from my parents for getting good SPM results and i realized that the city changed. There was no longer the non-hygienic toilet "hole" !!!

The transport system has developed extensively . Cheap comfy taxis , readily avaible buses and not forgetting the subway which i thought was cool and ahead of ours back in KL. No wonder the millions of bicycles across the streets has dissapeared from the scene.

It was a very short trip and just before flying back to KL, i paid the Forbidden City a visit. Frankly speaking, i will definitely be back here soon as i love China, chinese people and chinese food and i hope the younger generation learn more of world "lingua franca" to avoid miscommunications :)