Saturday, January 1, 2011


I managed to deviate from year end work crises to visit the capital of Republic of China and if it wasn't for an important meeting , i had no business to be here once again. My pioneer visit was almost 15 years ago and it was courtesy or a present from my parents for getting good SPM results and i realized that the city changed. There was no longer the non-hygienic toilet "hole" !!!

The transport system has developed extensively . Cheap comfy taxis , readily avaible buses and not forgetting the subway which i thought was cool and ahead of ours back in KL. No wonder the millions of bicycles across the streets has dissapeared from the scene.

It was a very short trip and just before flying back to KL, i paid the Forbidden City a visit. Frankly speaking, i will definitely be back here soon as i love China, chinese people and chinese food and i hope the younger generation learn more of world "lingua franca" to avoid miscommunications :)


Wahidah said...

china?? hopefully one fine day akan smpai gk ke sini..:)

Ekin said...

Syukur.. new background.. cantik.. second pic nice.. and third very captivating.. hitam putih.. always beautiful.. buat special travelog laa.. hmm or keep it in scrap book pastu published as a book. kekal sampai mati.. coz u always know what to write.. and those words are nice to read.. keep it up.

Happy new Year *:)

syukur said...

Wahidah : China is fast growing country.....they are ahead of us now...

syukur said...

Ekin : thank u very much for the nice comment regarding new features in my blog... my times were carried away with something else that i totally neglected this blog for quite sometimes... will take time in the future to update accordingly :)

catz said...

hi doc syuk,

i like the second photo, very nice.
but travel in beijing is sometimes very challenging coz very hard to find people speaks english.
enjoy ur trip.