Monday, January 26, 2009

CNY In Baba And Nyonya Style In The Historical Malacca Town

I was planning to go to Pangkor Island for some beach escapade and total rejuvenation during this Chinese New Year...but at last i cancelled it and with my friend , i headed my way to the historical city of Malacca where the the Baba and Nyonya population come from. They speak fluent Bahasa and the customes are the blend of chinese and Malays. Gosh.... it has been nearly 10 years since my last visit here. Beautiful CNY decoration all over the city main areas made my mood for CNY blossoming .

All the pics were taken by my compact camera as my stolen DSLR is not yet replaced by the new D90 (need to book for that model..errrr).

Menara Tamingsari where you can see the city view from up above the sky..beautiful !

Dataran Pahlawan Mall was very crowded with people from all over the world..

The ice kacang in Jonker's Street with the real Gula Melaka...yummy !!!

My friend modelled for my camera infront a beautiful building in Malacca town

Just inside the Pahlawan Mall..gosh..AM I GAINING WEIGHT ????? he he

I chose to stay in this boutique hotel ..very close to Jonker's Street and the popular Puri Hotel..., very affordable and yet authentic accomodation.... ok la....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Would You Sabotage Your Own Good Friend ??

I managed to catch 3 movies last week namely Inkheart, Underworld : The Rise Of The Lycans and last but not least Bride Wars. I had a good laugh while watching the weekend sneak preview of Bride Wars starring the petite Kate Hudson and the elegant demeanour Anne Hathaway. Basically it is a story of two childhood friends who are raised with special bond . Things become complicated soon after they realized that they are going to get married on the same date, same bunch of friends as the guests, same wedding planner and the same place !!!

They tried to sabotage each other wedding plans and eventually they discovered that they had ruined their long-lasting friendship just to prove that each one is superior than another. Hilarious story and it is good if you come to the cinema with your good friends' company and laugh it out together..

Certainly...i value the term friendship and to accomodate and understand each other is the key factor for an everlasting one. I will not sabotage them for sure...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Klang Seafood

It is time to write about "makan-makan " place again. This is actually from my old photo collection i 've never posted here before. It was during my birthday last October that me and my old good friend paved our way to the Klang district to dine at this open-air seafood restaurant. Thanks to the one i would not mention here for celebrating my birthday in a very delicious dinner treat. I appreciated it very very much. Thanks for the present too. I heard the phrase " Nobody pays for their birthday celebration " it ??

We did some selection of seafood and asked them to cook the raw materials as we liked them to be. We had a medium-sized fish.

Otak-otak !

The crab.......

Prawn Tom Yam.....yum yum !

The squid...fried !

Plus Satay ??? Were we nuts ??

The food taste was a mediocre....not that impressive and with a WOW factor but i did enjoy the company and great laughter. We ate like mad to finish all the food that usually being ordered for 4-6 pax... yeeeee greedy !

I could not really smile with a full stomach.. well at least the long journey helped to reduce my bloated stomach.. ha ha ..

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Confession : Cinta Itu Indah !

It was where in Langkawi trip with other fellow bloggers , i found out about this huge symbol rock, written beautifully in Chinese. The exact translation can be seen on the second picture. The title of this entry is actually derived from 2 songs sung by Afgan, the Indonesian lad with extraordinary vocal performance. My Confession is the last track from the album and Cinta Itu Indah is track No. 6 on his debut album.

I have realized that the word LOVE has a very strong meaning indeed and it differs so much in between " I LOVE YOU " and " I LIKE YOU " which some people used them interchangeably. I ponder around. Sigh.... Life is so complicated.. Sometimes , you love a person, but the person doesn't love u, you don't love a person, but the person is mad about u... sometimes love is in the air for both, but nothing come true with a lot of issues.... It is fair ? No ? I guess we just have to leave it to the perfect time and fate.....course only time will tell.... Just chill and be happy with the way things are .

Try to listen to this 2 beautiful numbers from Afgan and i am sure you'll love them !