Sunday, January 25, 2009

Would You Sabotage Your Own Good Friend ??

I managed to catch 3 movies last week namely Inkheart, Underworld : The Rise Of The Lycans and last but not least Bride Wars. I had a good laugh while watching the weekend sneak preview of Bride Wars starring the petite Kate Hudson and the elegant demeanour Anne Hathaway. Basically it is a story of two childhood friends who are raised with special bond . Things become complicated soon after they realized that they are going to get married on the same date, same bunch of friends as the guests, same wedding planner and the same place !!!

They tried to sabotage each other wedding plans and eventually they discovered that they had ruined their long-lasting friendship just to prove that each one is superior than another. Hilarious story and it is good if you come to the cinema with your good friends' company and laugh it out together..

Certainly...i value the term friendship and to accomodate and understand each other is the key factor for an everlasting one. I will not sabotage them for sure...


Faisal Admar said...

Friend ask me to go for Inkheart but I told him that I want to get a book first then movie. But seem like I don't have much time to read yet. Maybe will consider to watch first then read. But I know reading the book after watching the movie is not suggested by anybody in the world.

Inah said...

i try to treasure friendship but in the end seems like they dont really appreciate my presence


will definitely watch bride wars this week :)

Wahidah said...

sabotage my frenz??? well might be not...never ever do...:)

bride wars je tk tgk akan tgk...

selamat bercutiii

syukur said...

Faisal Admar :
I always watch the movie first and then depending on the time limitation, i read the book.. Inkheart is a so-so love it i guess .. but Bride Wars is so hilarious with the friendship theme.

Inah :
People becomes friends to each other for the sake of friendship..not for the sake of being appeciated at all time....i think so !he he when are u coming back again Aussie girl ?

Wahidah :
Pergi la tgk...mesti you ketawa berdekah dekah nanti ..he he

Faisal Admar said...

bro, the book got its trilogy you know? :P

usually if it has trilogy i'd read the book hoping that the next part will be showing soon :)

btw, don't you want to join music monday? it'd be great if you can join tho as you got good choice too! :)

Wahidah said...

later on i tgk k..mesti biler nk grad ni yea...

nisa said...
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syukur said...

Faisal :
Inkheart is a trilogy ?? I didn't know that. What is it about the music Monday ??

Wahidah :
Grad ? uiii...persoalan yang tajam tu.. ha ha..

Nisa :
Mmmmm ... pandangan yang sungguh bernas...thanks for the writing..appreciate that !

Faisal Admar said...

yes. you should read (even tho i haven't got myself any of the trilogy lol).

music monday is like a tag. you post about something on monday together with a song attached with it. usually people are using youtube as the best item :)

how? wanna join?

Ekin said...

Walla. inkheart is a trilogy.. thanks for da info. Nak pi tgk hari nih lahh hahaha..

I will never sabotage my good or my best friend.. :)

edina monsoon said...

Is inkheart nice? I think I have the book...bought it some time back but the first few chapters dragged on and on much interest level dropped significantly enuff for me to chuck the book away.

Wahidah said...

ops..soalan tajam ker?? sorry...btw..dh tgk dh bride wars...mmg besh..bantai gelak jerr

syukur said...

Faisal :
Cam ner nak pakai Youtube dalam blog ?? alamak tak tahu. Best ...nak join !!!

Ekin :
I know you are a good kind-hearted friend !

Inkheart :
Mmmm if you love fantasy world..u ll it....but to me it is a childish movie... nothing WOW !!

Wahidah :
I told u...Bride Wars is quite funny !