Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bila Dana Untuk Kesihatan CIPUT !!

Pengumuman berkuat-kuasa di HSB mulai 1 Oktober 2009 ni mendukacitakan... alasan bajet untuk test kit dah tak ada.. Satu kepuasan bagi seorang pakar perubatan untuk mendapatkan diagnosa sesuatu penyakit dengan dibantu oleh ujian makmal selain aspek klinikal yang dilatih semasa Masters atau MRCP . Kegawatan semasa H1N1, peruntukan untuk Tamiflu dan sebagainya sememangnya serba sedikit mencantas budget setiap hospital... Masalahnya ... hal gawat negara, pandemik dunia, kenapalah dana perubatan tak ditambah oleh kerajaan.. sampai ujian ujian penyakit kronik lain diterminasikan buat seketika.

Aspek kesihatan patut diberi perhatian utama ....sebab kita bertarung dengan NYAWA MANUSIA !!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Everyone knows well this landmark of Langkawi Island. Eagles are from bird species that potentially dangerous to other animals in the island. I am in Langkawi again for a week coverage there and maybe it is post raya time, the usually hectic coverage seems to be pretty relaxing . All this pictures were taken by my compact camera , NIKON COOLPIX S8 .

Why did i choose to write something here about this overrated tourist attraction ? He he he simply because the date of its official launch by our PM then, Tun Mahathir was my birthdate...
It is nice when i have extra money , i can book this place to celebrate the day i was born... he he...I guess nothing wrong to be ambitious ...

Friday, September 25, 2009


It has been 15 years for most of us since we last met as we left our high school to pursue our dreams. Things changed and maturity has evolved our life to a better person. It was nearly a quarter of average life of a living person . It was Budiman's idea to organize this much anticipated event since last year but i was busy studying for my master programme to help him out with the plan . It was the perfect time to do it since i am back to nothern state now. Held in Ocean Glow just by the Kuala Perlis seaview area... the event attended by almost 75 people and was a complete success ... Thanks everyone for attending and re-living the DERMA spirit and renewing the friendships...

We took about a mere 2 months' time to prepare and invite all of ex-Dermarian to come together and enjoy this one. Since all the AJK's came from all parts of Malaysia, we ended up meeting, discussing and collecting money totally ONLINE... namely Facebook !

I was the chairman and Budiman incharged of door gifts and invitation, Farah Pawanteh as emcee and treasurer, Ilyana as our secretary, Anuar as event's planner and gift exchange, Yukhairi (photography) and Sarimah (entertainment)

I met Nizam after so long and he appeared totally shocked to see me with my current weight (i was very fat during high school)...and also Yusmanizam who came back from Manchester for Raya and exclusively for the event. Thanks!

The BOYS of DERMA... they were all the same... nice to meet all of them again

This 2 friends are probably among i trusted the most. Budiman (with songkok ) and Yaseer who works as finance lecturer in UITM now. i know them well including their families and backgrounds.

Sarimah and Jawal were singing a Raya song as a duet ...

That special night , we sang MAJU DERMA, our school anthem with a new ROCK ... musically arranged by this live band . They are young but very talented.

The clown for the kids...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kurniaan di hari Raya

For all Muslims over the entire universe, Selamat Hari Raya , Minal Aidil Wal Fa Izin.....hopefully this year festive occasion will rekindle the love, the regret and the mutual understanding among all.

Have a blast Hari Raya Malaysia ! Eat healthy and visit your friends and relatives.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are We Ready For 2nd Wave ??

I spent my last weekend attending this event organised by Malaysian Medical Association, took place in Renaissance Hotel. A good turn up from the participants and the opening ceremony was done by our Health Minister. This was supposed to be the first conference to involve the general practioners, health sites and KKM with regards to H1N1 issue.

The main agenda was to educate everyone with the current situation of the virus , the expectation of second wave of the pandemic and the multiple vaccine developement. It is my responsibilty to write something here for the benefit of all.

WE ARE NOT OVER YET ! Here are some of the Q and A that i would love to highlight :

1. When do we anticipate the 2nd wave ? What is the importance ?

Following a pandemic, 2nd wave is expected to happen after 6 months following 1st wave. By an estimation from WHO, if we do not do anything to prepare and based on our death rate now, if 2nd wave hits us badly, thousands will die. It is expected beginning in winter or the rainy season in temperate countries ( do you notice the rainy season is about to start ????)

2. How about the detection of the H1N1 ?

The best will be Nasal swab, throat swab and analyzed by RT-PCR . The kit for Rapid Test
varied in its accuracy ranging from a mere 20 % to 80 %

3. When do the vaccine come to our shore ?

It is expected that we 'll get the vaccine by the end of the year. It has been postulated that America has assigned 90 % of the production , followed by France . and the remaining to other countries. One of the known complication is Gullain Barre Syndrome.

4. Is it a deadly virus ??

Most of the cases are mild and self-limiting... almost 99 % recovered with or without treatment.

5. What is the treatment ?

2 options. Tamiflu (oseltamivir) is an oral tablet 75 mg twice daily for 5 days. Even the GP's sell it at RM80 the cheapest now. Tamiflu resistance already been reported . ANother option is Relenza (Zanamivir) in an inhaler form (not for asthmatic patient)

I met with my ex-HUKM colleagues. One of them has already become infectious disease consultant. Congrats ! It is time for me too to get my consultantship too.. he he. A road tour in
Kedah state to complete before Raya and other continous plan for H1N1 made my life busier.
I just think that KKM still fail (big time !!) to value us with our hard work and that brings a GOODBYE to KKM from the brilliant doctors sometimes.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


If you pay a visit to the new Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah , as you walk on the lobby , you will see a glass window office-like area on the first floor.... which is better known as Pejabat Pakar. This is my desk actually.... well-equipped with a computer with high-speed internet, roster for specialist on call , district hospital covering and AIMST medical students teaching stick on to the board, files and papers, student's write-ups and my name stamp. Security card is needed to make an access to this place.

This is actually Medical department section. Head of departments have their own huge room. I never "lepak" here since abundant works need to be done as i sit on my confortable chair.. it never end ... but i am happy to be in this working environment

Saturday, September 5, 2009


I am delighted for this event to happen. It is a remark of our 15 years being away from our beloved secondary school....Sek . Men . Derma. I was the head prefect a.k.a head of the student committe at that time. With the helping hands from Budiman (his ideas anyway), Ilyana Sudani, Farah Pawanteh (sounds familiar ?) , Sarimah , Yukhairi and others... we set up a committe for this much anticipated event.

The venue will be in this area near the beach in Kuala Perlis which popularly known as OCEAN GLOW... and almost 100 will attend it including their spouses and children. This is a sneak preview of the event's venue.

One has to walk on the small bridge (300 m) to reach to place...

Below are the BBQ buffet menu that we plan to have. It will be so much fun as activities are lined up for the guests. As usual, i was given the honour to once again , give the opening speech . Thanks to all the AJK's for their brilliant commitment....... and i am looking forward to meet up with all of my school friends once again ! Somehow i am saddened by DERMA now because they are no longer champion in every aspects like we used to.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I have been you-tubing lately.... looking for songs that i liked before and songs that i think interesting and sweet. Everyone has different taste in music. I love all kind of music which is soothing to my eardrums.

This is actually the movie theme from Anna and The King ... sung by not so popular Joy Enrique....for those who never "Berhenti Berharap "..


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Iftar in KL 2009

I made my way to KL to return my graduation robe and at the same time , spending time for iftar with my KL friends and colleagues from HUKM. Since i left KL, there were lots of thing to catch up with. Above picture showed the table with foods which at the end, we could hardly find anymore spaces to accomodate our plenty of foods...mmm ... thanks to `J' for nice place !

Pasembor .....delicious...we got all the foods from nearby Pasar Ramadhan..

Some of the "kuih".

The table was not full yet and we were still at the kitchen

Special drink and yeah ... release my thirst centre.

Second iftar happened in this Tupai=tupai restaurant. Thanks Dr . A for organising. I was the only one who had left HUKM but still my heart is always be with this teaching institution.

We had 2 tables for our group.

The holy month teaches us not to waste things.. and this was the gentle reminder from Tupai2.