Friday, September 4, 2009

I have been you-tubing lately.... looking for songs that i liked before and songs that i think interesting and sweet. Everyone has different taste in music. I love all kind of music which is soothing to my eardrums.

This is actually the movie theme from Anna and The King ... sung by not so popular Joy Enrique....for those who never "Berhenti Berharap "..



sazza said...

again what a coincidence!
i like that song too.i dunno y,it's not famous.btw, i posted one of the version that i used for my writing lessons in ur fb mail.
enjoy the vid!

p/s my 1st posting here,selama ini sekedar silent reader aja

syukur said...

thanx for akhirnya meninggalkan komen.... received the mail already... thx again