Sunday, October 31, 2010


I am still in Las Vegas, Nevada when i penned down this entry. Being labelled as the high class city of entertainment of the world, people from all world continents come for gambling, holiday, live shows and also some stripper shows. I am amazed with the set-up, cleanliness and the sky-scrapping casino hotels. I stayed in MGM Grand which turn green when the nights fall.

" The Strip " is a long main road which houses main attractions in Vegas. I love the city and to view the Roman architecture of Caesar's Palace is such a great oppurtunity. As i stroll along the lake in front of The Bellagio, i feel refresh . Such happiness never come that often and i am truly blessed. Just a bit different from the norm, people are everywhere with their funny and horror outfits for The halloween.

I will definitely be back here one day , hopefully this time i get to spend with someone that I loved...yeah just the two of us.... because the ambience of Las Vegas makes two getting closer .

Finally, i quote most popular phrase about Las Vegas ...." Whatever Happen In Vegas, Stay In Vegas !! "

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Attreversiamo !!!...........from EPL !

Would you wake up from your soundless deep sleep and begin to ponder your ultimate goal of being in a relationship or in a marriage ? And soon after , u realized that , it is just another burden to keep holding on to something that clearly has become brittle. Subsequently, you have to make a wise life-changing decision that is going to alter the path of your glorious life .....

EAT, PRAY and LOVE has the answer from one's total perspective . Beautifully narrated and written both for the big screen and the novel, it showed us that sometimes we have to give up on things in order for something that long-lasting to embark in our journey of life.... so don;t afraid to lose at initial phase , who knows you may gain more in the near future...

*** Just love Julia Roberts in this movie !!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

A Peaceful Life

Life is about something peaceful with some laughter and joy to carry with. We came across the word RIP being continuously wish upon to one life departure. A peaceful life comes from a total complete package of happiness, wealth, health and people that you serenade them with love...

The pictures in this entry were taken in a landscape deemed to me very peaceful but yet, my heart palpitated and it never stop. I hope sooner or later it will stop and bring peace from within : )