Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ouccchhh !!! Paintball....

After our exam results were out, we planned for a paintball challenge for the sake of post exam stress relief...ha ha... Car-pooling to this place in Taman Harmonis , Gombak ,KL, we reached there 30 minutes late than the stipulated time. While waiting for our dearest professor to join us, we performed our Zuhur prayers and later dressed for suitable outfit. Some chose to be commando like in their apparel.

We divided ourselves into 3 groups . This was my group "WEAPON X" consisting mainly all the medical registrars.

Here are some of the action i took from outside the battlefield. I did not dare to bring my precious DSLR inside because the high-velocity pallets (bullets) might hit my lense.

The need saftey precaution to handle it so that you would not shoot your friends unintentionally.

The safety masks........

For the first game, i took the role as a sniper.... and it wasn't easy because one has to be precise and accurate.

This was how the bruises after getting shot by your opponents.... ouccchhh painful and yet very interesting game that i will definitely say YES for the next challenge.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Petaling Street....Kuala Lumpur....

It was a good friend's idea to pay Petaling Street a visit . We met at the Old Town Cafe in Central Market and later cruised Petaling Street looking at the fake brand materials...Some resembles exactly like the original but the quality will not last longer.
Air mata kucing... is a must if one plans to be here...

Me, infront of various stalls available.

Tourist were everywhere which made Petaling Street busy that evening even when it was raining later that day.

We left by night time and we bought nothing except than the nice AIR MATA KUCING..ha ha But it was a great and memorable activity anyway.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I am back in here writing and expressing after a month of silence. The major reason was to complete my dissertation for master programme and presented it in our viva. I managed to finish just about time and this is the hard cover of the study title.... yeah it is a cardiology thesis..since my interest in this field..
Result was OUT ..... and alhamdulilah... i passed the exam and TODAY .. 20th May 2009 i registered to ministry for gazzettement and now eagerly wait for posting. I wish i will be send back to Alor Setar Hospital but that will depend on the allocation.
Thanks to all friends and colleagues for motivation, help and coverage during the peak of my stress .. I am glad to know all of you