Friday, June 26, 2009

Cintaku...Bukan Cinta Biasa....

Afgan new single........ very nice song..

I just want to dedicate this beautifully written song to all loving couples out there who always cherish the LOVE more and more everyday...May it continues to blossom...this one for all of you !!

Kali ini kusadari

Aku telah jatuh cinta

Dari hatiku

aku cinta padamu

Cintaku bukanlah cinta biasa

Jika kamu yang memiliki

Dan kamu yang temaniku seumur hidupku

Terimalah pengakuanku

Percayalah kepadaku

Semua ini kulakukan

Karena kamu memang untukku

Cinta ku bukan cinta biasa

Jika kamu yang menemani

Dan kamu yang temaniku seumur hidupku

Terimalah pengakuanku

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

5 Minutes To Work Place...I am settled

I finally decided to rent this friend's semi-D house for very affordable monthly payment. I was too tired to drive 2 hours everyday from Kangar to Alor Setar and returned home after work. Futhermore , this house is just 5 minutes drive away from the hospital i am currently attached. Works are increasing with the pandemic H1N1 ,meetings, administrative works and daily busy clinics but yeah...i am more focus and relaxed and happy here.

Every Thursday ..after work, our department usually head for badminton match ...just for fun and enjoy the game and release the work stress. It is good to to enhance our team work and i started to like this place so much that i feel i am going to apply my cardio subspeciality here and become a consultant and work here permanently.

As i opened up the front door of the house, this soothing and green atmosphere can be seen... i leave KL for some fresh air and new environment and i believe it is refreshing enough for a new start. And where can you get this house in KL for a very reasonable price...
Jemputlah ke rumah ...he he...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Modern Landmark In The Outskirt Of The Town

This is my new workplace... the new Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital, a huge landmark of Alor Setar. It is surrounded by paddy fields and the design impressed me the first time i came here to report to my Head Of Department, Dato' Dr Radzi , one of Malaysia best gastroenterologist. He never changed since i last left the department 4 years ago with no dato' title at that time.

I was given responsibilty to be incharged of 1st class (including royal wards) and 2nd class patients. At first , i was quite stunned as these wards usually being taken care by the senior specialists but yeah,, i am always up to the challenge and besides clinical skills, the interpersonal and communication skills are deemed important. In addition, i had to be incharged of neurology clinic since this hospital does not have any neurologist at the moment.

Lige goes on and i started to enjoy my life here, being away from KL , the soothing green environment, nice boss and helpful working colleagues.

To keep myself fit too, i have 2 gyms in town that i am still considering to join one of them. i will tell about them later...

To the readers, enjoy everything that comes your way, stay focus and leave the misery behind. Have a productive day ahead !!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Michael Bubble Sang..... Let me go home.!!!

This entry is about my transfer back to my hometown. It is a transition of new responsibility in my career and new environment I have to face. I have been in Klang valley for nearly 10 years now since I started my matriculation in Bangi as the pioneer batch of a solid a year programme. I was posted in Mentakab in between where I learned to appreciate a district hospital and that solely because I was a huge fan of the Pahang born before petite singer , now the influential Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza.

A decade was a long period of time and I met new friends along the way and they added colours to my life and yeah… I had achieved so many things in life as well as I had lost things too but I guess how one comes out from the difficult challenges would result one to be tougher and wiser. Most of the time, I just follow the flow and by any chance grab any oppurtunity that comes.

It was hard to leave the routine of a KL-lite, the fast pace of everything and the wonderful people and friends behind. My decision was final to go back home and started anew. KL somehow made me lose my focus on what I pre-determine to do. The city lure sometimes made one lose their focus and that included me.

I am now in tiny little Kangar town , driving for 2 hours everyday for return trip to work in Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, the new modern state hospital . It is very calm atmosphere along the journey to workplace where the paddy fields lay side by side. It is pretty condusive for me to begin my new life here.

My mum once said to me i should be in KL because she believed i am a competitive person and loves challenges in this metropolitan city . My mum medical condition needs to be attended and i said to myself, it is time to be a good son since i am not a good lover, a precious thing that almost everyone search in life..

I believe that i have made a wise decision but i also believe that wherever i go, whichever land i step on, i ll be in some place where my heart belongs.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sacredly AgNEZious.... A New Collaboration ??

I am always an ardent fan of Agnes Monica since she launched her debut 6 years back. I am glad to promote her latest offering which hit our market recently. She has a star package and she can make everyone down to the groove with her fast numbers and sober to her ballads.
With more than half a decade in music scene, Agnes has emerged as natural performer who create "soul" to her music.
Talking about this album with a funky title, this hyperactive lady proves that she still hot in this industry. It is a testament of her courage to collaborate with new composers this time. The like of Andi Rianto, Tohpati and Valent were not in this album. Agnes herself composed 2 numbers in this album.
I would love to give 4.5 stars to this one simply because i can relate well to her music.
My favourite titles are Teruskanlah and RAPUH. Rapuh seemed to be the best and was beautifully written by Badai from the genius band of Kerispatih..... try listen this one and close your eyes... u definitely something deep, something different !!! He he
Lirik Rapuh - Agnes Monica

Belum sempat ku membagi kebahagiaanku
Belum sempat ku membuat dia tersenyum
Haruskah ku kehilangan ‘tuk kesekian kali
Tuhan kumohon jangan lakukan itu

Reff :
Sebab ku sayang dia
Sebab ku kasihi dia
Sebab ku tak rela
Tak s’lalu bersama
Ku rapuh tanpa
kehilangan harap
Jikalau memang harus ku alami duka
Kuatkan hati ini menerimanya

Monday, June 1, 2009

Can You Recycle Everything ???

During a campaign about nature and saving the greens, Body Shop had launched this recycled paper bag which was enviromental-friendly and savvy. The concept mimicked the order of " Karma" ; what goes around comes around .

Can everything be recycled ? Do you really want everything come back to you ? Things i like i always wish it comes back in reconstructive forms and things i hate and contribute to my somnolence , i wish it never return....