Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sacredly AgNEZious.... A New Collaboration ??

I am always an ardent fan of Agnes Monica since she launched her debut 6 years back. I am glad to promote her latest offering which hit our market recently. She has a star package and she can make everyone down to the groove with her fast numbers and sober to her ballads.
With more than half a decade in music scene, Agnes has emerged as natural performer who create "soul" to her music.
Talking about this album with a funky title, this hyperactive lady proves that she still hot in this industry. It is a testament of her courage to collaborate with new composers this time. The like of Andi Rianto, Tohpati and Valent were not in this album. Agnes herself composed 2 numbers in this album.
I would love to give 4.5 stars to this one simply because i can relate well to her music.
My favourite titles are Teruskanlah and RAPUH. Rapuh seemed to be the best and was beautifully written by Badai from the genius band of Kerispatih..... try listen this one and close your eyes... u definitely something deep, something different !!! He he
Lirik Rapuh - Agnes Monica

Belum sempat ku membagi kebahagiaanku
Belum sempat ku membuat dia tersenyum
Haruskah ku kehilangan ‘tuk kesekian kali
Tuhan kumohon jangan lakukan itu

Reff :
Sebab ku sayang dia
Sebab ku kasihi dia
Sebab ku tak rela
Tak s’lalu bersama
Ku rapuh tanpa
kehilangan harap
Jikalau memang harus ku alami duka
Kuatkan hati ini menerimanya


:: NbC :: said...

i heart Agnes too - she's so energetic on stage. 'Tak ada logika' is still the best from her.

@xiM said...


syukur said...

Pinky :

There is a song from her latest album called Godai Aku Lagi.... it is a very sexy and seductive song... ha ha

Axim :

well.... Agnes Monica quite tinggi jugak kot..he he tapi she is a performer...

wahdi said...

I still suka her 1st single..
Bilang saja bila kau mahu~~
bilang saja bila tak tahu~~ :P

en_me said...

layannn rapuh larr fulakks.. ehehe, salammm bro

syukur said...

Wahdi : mmmm lagu tu pun best jugak...he he

en_me : Rapuh is really nice...cubalah dengar

Faisal Admar said...

agnes is always gorgeous doesn't matter in drama, movie or stage performance :)