Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Modern Landmark In The Outskirt Of The Town

This is my new workplace... the new Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital, a huge landmark of Alor Setar. It is surrounded by paddy fields and the design impressed me the first time i came here to report to my Head Of Department, Dato' Dr Radzi , one of Malaysia best gastroenterologist. He never changed since i last left the department 4 years ago with no dato' title at that time.

I was given responsibilty to be incharged of 1st class (including royal wards) and 2nd class patients. At first , i was quite stunned as these wards usually being taken care by the senior specialists but yeah,, i am always up to the challenge and besides clinical skills, the interpersonal and communication skills are deemed important. In addition, i had to be incharged of neurology clinic since this hospital does not have any neurologist at the moment.

Lige goes on and i started to enjoy my life here, being away from KL , the soothing green environment, nice boss and helpful working colleagues.

To keep myself fit too, i have 2 gyms in town that i am still considering to join one of them. i will tell about them later...

To the readers, enjoy everything that comes your way, stay focus and leave the misery behind. Have a productive day ahead !!


@xiM said...

doc,aku ada soklan sama kamu:

macam mana nak ada productive day setiap hari??ada tips tak?

hazyr said...

good luck and have fun!

kedahan tapi tak pernah sampai hospital baru said...

I was told that the hospital is located smack dab in the middle of nowhere, betul ke?

syukur said...

Axim :
ha ha ha kena produktif la..ha ?? bagi hari kita mencapai matlamat hidup

Hazyr : is a challenge Ryzah..tambah lagi Kena jaga klinik neurology..

Kedahan :
memang betul ...tak jauh dari bandar...lebih kurang 10 minit dari hospital lama..dari highway pun boleh nampak. besar mengalahkan HUKM

chen said...


was alor star ur first choice? Any regrets being here since u find covering langkawi a bore and a chore? Do u miss kl?

regards from me!

:: NbC :: said...

owh, i'm proud to be Kedahan.. hehe

CATZ said...

hi doc,
oh..sudah di alor star rupanya..
good luck!
keep updating ur blog yea..
walau di luar KL, pasti banyak xtvt menarik...

edina monsoon said...

Good luck with the neuro patients:) I always find them CT brains a little daunting to read. When is a speck an infarct...and when is it merely an artifact!!! Aaaargh

wahdi said...

Nampaknya ramai yg berhijrah tahun ni, termasuk saya juga hehe
Apapun mari kita mulakan sesuatu yg baru dgn penuh kesyukuran...

syukur said...

Chen :
of course i miss KL very much. It has been almost 10 years i spent there. I had met interesting characters in KL...I am planning to go back to hometown actually ..nothing much left for me in KL..i am done there.

Pinky : cheq pun sama !! ha ha

Catz : thx ..insyaAllah akan update dari semasa ke semasa

Edina : well...neuro is the last subspeciality i akan join kalau complex and no much treatment available after u diagnose a patient..

Wahdi : wahdi berhijrah kemana ?? jauh ??

Chen said...

so have u joined the gym?