Monday, June 15, 2009

Michael Bubble Sang..... Let me go home.!!!

This entry is about my transfer back to my hometown. It is a transition of new responsibility in my career and new environment I have to face. I have been in Klang valley for nearly 10 years now since I started my matriculation in Bangi as the pioneer batch of a solid a year programme. I was posted in Mentakab in between where I learned to appreciate a district hospital and that solely because I was a huge fan of the Pahang born before petite singer , now the influential Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza.

A decade was a long period of time and I met new friends along the way and they added colours to my life and yeah… I had achieved so many things in life as well as I had lost things too but I guess how one comes out from the difficult challenges would result one to be tougher and wiser. Most of the time, I just follow the flow and by any chance grab any oppurtunity that comes.

It was hard to leave the routine of a KL-lite, the fast pace of everything and the wonderful people and friends behind. My decision was final to go back home and started anew. KL somehow made me lose my focus on what I pre-determine to do. The city lure sometimes made one lose their focus and that included me.

I am now in tiny little Kangar town , driving for 2 hours everyday for return trip to work in Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, the new modern state hospital . It is very calm atmosphere along the journey to workplace where the paddy fields lay side by side. It is pretty condusive for me to begin my new life here.

My mum once said to me i should be in KL because she believed i am a competitive person and loves challenges in this metropolitan city . My mum medical condition needs to be attended and i said to myself, it is time to be a good son since i am not a good lover, a precious thing that almost everyone search in life..

I believe that i have made a wise decision but i also believe that wherever i go, whichever land i step on, i ll be in some place where my heart belongs.



@xiM said...

happy working in hometown Dr!!

pasni boleh la kita selalu lepak yek..hehe

Wahidah said...

a brilliant decision..btw,i think if u are alover u will definitely be a good lover..:)

Ms B said...

Hi syuk,

it's been awhile since I last left a comment. this piece was beautifully written. I am sure you've made a wise decision based on the circumstances around you. dont be too hard on yourself. Love comes when you least expect.

saharil said...

good luck again tuan doktor.. :)


oh..dah transfer balik hometown yek..?

hmm...baguslah..dekat ngan keluarga..
lagi seronok rasanya kan...?

all the best ye dr. syuk..!

:: NbC :: said...


welcome home..! ;-)
all the best - enjoy ur new job responsibilities, new place.

*u guna Changlun h/way ke g keje..?

syukur said...

Axim :
In deed...memang i akan selalu gi penang la lepas ni dan meninjau segala restoran yang axim paparkan dlm ur blog..he he
..kita ajak faisal admar and the others jugak ...ok ??

Wahidah :
Thx Wahidah..thanks for the thought but my priority changed now,...and i shouldn't be thinking entirely about what i desire... but i just wanna have a happy life, calm and peaceful..

Ms B :
hey you are back... thx for dropping by again.. yeah i want to relax, throw away the negative element in life.

Saharil :
Thanks again encik pelukis..semoga anda sukses juga dalam menghasilkan karya agung !

Putubambu :
Dah... kalau ke utara..u know you've got a friend here ..he he

Pinky :
amboi...gaya cakap macam la dia dekat Kedah la ni ..ha ha ha
Anyway, i ikut jalan biasa ...jam 30 minit dekat traffic light dekat hospital tu... bayangkan setiap hari i kena gerak pukul 630 pagi dari Kangar untuk sampai on time...punch card leceh !!oooo pasal rumah di Kota darulaman tu...cantik la dan strategik..he he

mrbudie said...

I'm very proud as your friend since SMD, all the best to you Bro! Hijra' is a good in re-booting again your life. Hope in near future, my 'rezeki' too will again be @ Kangar. Do keep in touch :)

syukur said...

Thx Budie, yeah nanti balik Kangar, we can have makan makan dgn the others...
Very proud to be your friend too ! I still can't forget we used to ride our bicycles together to DERMA..

Malim said...

may u have a wonderful new life and enjoy every bit of what u have... what matters is the accountability

syukur said...

Malim :
thx Malim... Just the way i wanna live my life from now on...

CATZ said...

hi doc,
commute kangar-alor star tetiap hari ke?
2 hours drive return?
tapi dekat dgn family kan..
i wish i could stay near to my parents,,tapi mmg tak mungkin lah sampai bila2 pun.uhukss..
u kira lucky..
good luck at new place!