Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lung Function Test

I will be finishing my respiratory posting by the end of May before continuing to become a registrar in our Medical Department. As a rule and redeemed to be compulsary, every medical officers, trainees who join the unit has to get a simple lung function test done to themselves.
Above picture is the machine to record the parameters in simple lung function test. It aims to differentiate between obstructive lung diseases such as asthma and COPD and restrictive lung diseases such as lung fibrosis and mechanical problems. I have got mine today.

I have to blow my lungs out through that hose . Errrrrr... My kind lab staff was assisting me during that test. AAaaa... a great suffer.

This one again.......It sounds simple but one needs to follow the instruction carefully for the test to be interpreted at its best value.

Mmmmmm... well... my test was essensially normal and in fact, i have a very good lung indeed. FEV1 is the volume exhaled during the first second of a forced expiratory maneuver started from the level of total lung capacity. FVC is my forced vital lung capacity. PEFR is my peak flow which was recorded fantastically above the predicted value.

So... readers.... don't smoke and quit smoking now before it is a little too late...and to my colleague .. get this test done and appreciate it.


edina monsoon said...

Yes the spirometry readings look VERY impressive. Thanks for your word on anti-smoking:) Cheapest way to cure COPD to date.

Anonymous said...

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