Wednesday, March 25, 2009

She is Soooo ANGGUN, Am I the Opposite Sex Exotic ?? Ha ha

I was on leave on last Tuesday when i remembered about an event brought by Metadome Sdn Bhd, a company in entertainment event management which is partly owned by few Malay geniuses who had became my friends for few years now. It was a press conference for Indonesian born singer who has created waves in music industry world-wide..yeah none other that the EXOTIC Anggun C . Sasmi.

Located in Istana Hotel, i had attended the 2 hours PC as a guest invite. Other attendees were mostly the reporters and people from the record label.

I have known Kak Aida Hussin (pic above) with her bubbly character when she was working with Warner as PR Executive. She resigned from the record company and now handles the GM post in Metadome.

KC Ismail, a fellow blogger but yeah , he is better known in the industry as ex-radio deejay and currently works in Metadome as well. A great combination in a such wokhaholic team overall. I met KC ISmail in Nidji gig 2 years back in Jakarta and since then , we still keep in touch. Click here to go to his block, KC Ismail.

Talking about Anggun, she makes Indonesian proud of her by venturing into international market. I hope you still remember the first ever English written song , Snow On The Sahara. With her husky unique voice and elegant demeanour and yet exotic complexion, she sets the bar high for other Asian singer wannabe.

She is in town for a week with many tentatives designed for her, mainly to promote her new English album, ELEVATION . She will throw a showcase this coming Friday with opening acts of Nurul and Imran Ajmain.. Again , i am invited..yaay ! ha ha

Here are some of her pics and her natural beauty.

Performing accoustic version of a song with Eddrie Hashim on the guitar...

Do come and join the showcase but you need to reserve your seat by contacting Metadome Sdn Bhd.


Venue : Mahkota Ballroom, Istana Hotel

Date : 27th March 2009

Time : 8.00 pm

Opening acts : Nurul and Imran Ajmain.

She will appear in Akademi Fantasia Week 3 concert as guest performer and also in various tv interviews


:: NbC :: said...

owh sgt sgt jeles..

being her die hard fan, i still remember when she performed as an invited singer for Hiburan Minggu Ini in RTM years back - the audience booed her

now they should open their eyes, really

syukur said...

I salute her, he been booed , she get up and be a strong with that musical influence ... great successful story rite ??

syukur said...

I salute her, he been booed , she get up and be a strong with that musical influence ... great successful story rite ??

Wahidah said...

hurm..i think u admiring indonesian singer more than i rite?? :)

syukur said...

Wahidah :
I admire singer or musician with talents and creativity regardless which Asian countries they hail from...but sadly Malaysian music scene is filled up with popular person NOT the talented one. And Indonesian is the opposite...Just in my opinion...

Anonymous said...

Anggun is so hebat, down to earth yet talented. you are sooooo lucky to meet her up, jeles sangat ni

@xiM said...

lain orang lain citarasa kan Dr Syuk kan kan kan..

saya suka lagu inggeris..macam mana tuh..haha

Milo Skilos said...

ur sooo lucky!

she is beautiful!! and yes talented as hell!!

syukur said...

Anonymous :

Yeah ..she is talented... as i said it is an event hosted by my friends company.. Besides being Anggun fan, i was there to show support for my friends' effort in organising such event.

Axim :
Suka lagu Inggeris ?? waaaa... bila nak karaoke bersama ?? a ha

Milos :
Hey... thx for dropping by. yup talented and beautifully gorgeous ...that's ANGGUN..

Lily.Lulu said...

she's really really hawttttttt !!

Wahidah said...

yeah i agree with mmg music indon byk gk yg hebat2..singer2 die bgs...aik ajak axim je karok eik..nak join sekali la..leh nyanyi lagu tiga kupang..hehehe