Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Langkawi Again....

I had attended this cardiology meeting in Langkawi last weekend... it was damn good to return to this myth and legend of this island. Awesome speakers line-up, 20 of my other working colleagues and few good friends who came along as well.

Do we look like cardiologist in the making ?? ha ha that is our dream and our need to pass every obstacles to make it come true. Anuar and Asri has been very supportive since we have the same dream..

Stroll along the pristine beaches and breathe the fresh air is the best thing i can do now. A relief from huge burden of work..

Pantai Cenang beach normally does not appear empty like this.

The great panorama of the blue sky..


edina monsoon said...

I especially like the sunset shot in your post. Looks surreal. So any new updates on cardiovascular management??

syukur said...

Thanks..... ada..
Crestor crestor and crestor..ha ha

:: NbC :: said...

Hi Syuk,

wahhhh pics semakin cantik..
u ke kata ritu, quality gmbar depends on ur mood..?

hmmm looking @ ur pics, i know u r in happy mood..

syukur said...

Taking good picture is actually a remedy to my soul.... yeah my passion to produce good photo is truly rewarding... PLUS a new enhanced camera too..he he

axim said...

jom langkawi lagi..hehe

Inah said...

loved the second last pic! :)

ohh..hai doc!! :)

syukur said...

Axim : jom ...moh la kita pergi

Inah :
Thx..hi Inah...bz sikit sekarang semenjak jaga wad dan ward lodger system di HUKM ni

Wesley said...

You will definitely become a good Cardiologist..

Look forward to see a Cardiologist to be in the making..

Bila nak datang IJN?