Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Probuffedbodies.. is a interactive forum website whereby everybody who is passionate about body building and gym just has to spend their own free time to visit. Pioneered by Mr. Terry Gallyot, the Ultimate gym in Wangsa Maju owner and Malaysian-owned famous body builder , this site welcomes everyone out there to share their opinions, skills and the art of body building. In addition, among the frequent members and site moderators are the big names in this industry including foreign and world-class `guru' e.g Wong Hong, the Fitness One gym owner in Bdr Sri Permaisuri. I post my comment whenever i am free and mostly about health and diseases (at least in own expertise!)

Below are the main discussion boards including section for ladies who has interest in this field.
The topics are relevant for our daily routine and i simply like the training and nutrition section.

Try visit this forum and be a member.You learn a lot and make you gym visit a beneficial one .The tips come from the real expert and feel free to ask and even chat with them online..even if you are a novice. Chill out..


Beruang Madu aka Honey Bear said...

Uihhhh.... bagiuh nih... dua dua gym tu aku pernah join.. yg Terry punya masa aku muda bergetah lagi dan Wong punya masa aku bertaraf dewa sekarang nih.... waaaa... tapi masa aku sempitlah ...nanti aku join yer.. kalau join ni jer badan leh jadi ketul2 ker??

syukur said...

Beruang Madu : harus........ mesti boleh

LadyVanity said...

hello Syukur.... this is LadyVanity from Probuffedbodies.... :) just droppin' by (cool site!), and thank you so much for promoting the site! we all appreciate it... heres to more members and a more active forum!

link/check me out at http://babybodybuilder.blogspot.com


wahdi said...

Menarik gak ni!