Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chinese Set In One World Hotel

Merck Serono has done a good job with the premier of Lodoz in Malaysia and we were treated with the the chinese dinner set that night... as usual. The service was very fast.. until our plates were taken away even before we completed the menu.. SUPERFAST. The Chinese set here came in bigger proportion as compared with the other chinese sets i had in the past.Up to know, i can't still manage to work out my fingers with the chopsticks. Terrible... maybe Josh can help me... ha ha.

The Menu card was absolutely nice with the wordings and style. I gave 5 stars for the menu card. Simply alluring.

These were our appetizers. I thought i was allergic to the baby size sotong kurita served that night because i developed bad sneezing and sore throat back home..sick!!! Anyway.. it deserved 3 stars overall.

Deep Fried Chicken with Thai Mango sauce was amazingly delicious. The best of the night . 5 stars. We emptied the plate. Sehingga menjilat jari...bak cakap Beruang Madu menjilat siku.. ha ha

Fried Prawn with Marmite sauce lack of freshness so i was not fascinated at all by the taste.
So-so 2.5 stars.

When it came to Brocholli ... any style would definitely leave me a good impression. I love brocholli because it has lots of nutrient and it remained as my abs diet.

We did not even finish this Deep Fried Grouper with sweet and sour sauce because the taste was sucks.. 1.5 stars.. eeeeeee.

The fried rice with diced chicken and anchovies again was a so-so.. Not up to my expectation to this considered `world' hotel.

Finally our lai chi kang... ok la....

Come and YUMCHA with us...... said Hamdy and Ibby...

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