Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Current Gym Supplement

I am actually just wanted to get lean and a ripped body...not the bulky type that most people see in the competition. Coming from a mere 110 kg person.. i work hard from the daily gym routine, cardio exercise , discipline, and of course watching out my diet very closely... but of course at certain times, i break the rule.. ha ha.. Being TOO perferct is BORING.

Health supplement and whey protein helps to increase my daily protein intake..Taking excess protein in your daily requirement is basically safe unless in liver and kidney problem. ANATOR genetically triggers rapid and dramatic muscle growth but it is very costly. i take this one only after weight exercises.

Whey protein i consider a MUST have for gymmers. it contains roughly 20 to 30 g of protein in one serving depending on the brand. I prefer the GNC brand when they have promotion but most of the time the ON brand is quite affordable. But too bad nowadays , there is a hike in the prices. Grrrrrrrrr... everything is becoming expensive nowadays. I personally love the taste of strawberry flavour. Even if i abstain from the gym.. i still take this supplement.

CLA is a naturally occuring fatty acid that is present in cheese and ground beef and help to reduce the stubborn fat.

Any gymmers ?? Share what you think about these supplement?? anyone with fat burners.. Hydroxycut??. Took Hydroxycut but could not bear with the excessive sweating.


ekin said...

woo.. pakcik ambik semua supplmt nih? hmm probably good for u now.. tapi what happen yek when a person become less active in the future.. (selalu tgk org2 yg suatu masa dulu cukup gah bodynyer.. hmm tapi bila dah tak active.. muscles dia bertukar jadi lemak.) is it possible.?

syukur said...

Ekin : yeah... sebab tu... tak boleh hilang minat pada sukan ni.. kalau tidak memang akan jadi lemak.

Anonymous said...

saya pernah mengikuti satu ceramah tang healthy ni...kalau tak silap, lemak ni ader 2 jenis i)lemak cair ii)lemak tepu...lemak cair mudah terbakar dengan aktiviti2 yang dilakukan tetapi lemak tepu ni agak sukar..ambik masa...LEMAK DEGIL...hahaha