Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lodoz Launch, One World Hotel

A day passed by without any new entry. Ideally i told myself to update my blog everyday at least, but due to a lot of circumstances and commitment, i was unable to... ha ha .. I skipped my futsal team practice today to meet some friends who came all the way. After 2 hours at the gym later in the evening, i got home and prepared to go out once again to One World Hotel (just next to the gigantic OU mall) along with Hamdi, Osama and few other colleagues who came in separately. We were attending an event hosted by Merck Serono company.

Along the way, nice view of OU ......

One World Hotel, acclaimed to be a five star hotel with strategic location, was the venue of the event. Even our pop darling , Dato' Siti had her birthday party bash at this place recently.

Sue , the lady from Merck Serono was helping us with the registration. Dr Ting, my cardiologist who had just come back from the UK about 6 months ago..was also there. Osama from Libya was also there.

Hamdi said he was much happy nowadays after the break-up ???.. huh??? what???.ha ha... Osama gave a shoulder to cry on.

Anuar came a bit later since he was still doing some shopping at The Curve with his wife and kids when we arrived. When it comes to weekend ... Anuar really loves shopping with his family.

Ibtisam (I called her Ibby) came alone... her husband was away for work. Azlin came with her husband and joined us in the same table.. Wow... all the seats were taken by HUKM.. ha ha

The event today was actually for Malaysian lauch of new combination drug of Bisoprolol (cardioselective beta-blocker) and Hydrochlorothiazide ( a diuretic) called Lodoz.. errr sounded funny at once. The chair person was Associate Prof. Dr Chan Sze Piaw from UNIMAS. I actually worked under him once when he was the physician in Pahang state before. When i left Pahang, he too joined the university based in Sarawak.. Look at him now.. a very established consultant cardiologist in Malaysia. I still have a lot steps to take to reach the pinnacle of my career like he did.

They invited this taekwondo kids to perform their skills at the event.

The chandelier captured everyone attention as one walked around the hotel lobby. Beautiful.

Me .. in front of the creative paintings over the hotel wall.... ooooo check out my biceps... mmm ha ha. Again the picture showed the hotel lobby .. nice. I stopped by Hamdi's house to download some pictures before heading home.. Tiring.... I will post what we had at the launch dinner in my next entry.


edina monsoon said...

How was the talk?? I see the blog entry was dedicated solely to food and friends. I have been obsessed with bibmbap the entire morning. Been googling it up for a good two hours. It's a disease we Malaysians have..this obsession with food. Careful...or we'll all end up with metabolic syndrome. We wouldn't want that now WOULD we?

syukur said...

i eat and at the same time exercise la Andrea... that is how i enjoy food and work out to the extreme measure when i hit the gym... so that i maintain my figure .. ha ha

hamdi said...

Well the talk was good actually. It somehow talk about how B-blocker has been misunderstood by some of the past studies. I am actually got sucked in when he mention how he requested the HOPE study result but got turned down, and later LANCET (i think or the other big journal) asked the committee to give the result and voila! How we have been misguided. Yes, atenolol may not be that popular ...anyway, better not start blogging at other people site .. heheheh sorry syuk