Friday, June 6, 2008

Flatter Stomach - The Crunch

I have dream about having the flatter abdomen for so long and i must admit that it is way too difficult ,considering i was once a 110 kg person. Nope.. i am not lying. My passion towards fitness and healthy lifestyle came about after becoming scared about my body image and the recognised association and complications due to morbid obesity. You've known by now that it is closely link to some cancers, obstructive sleep apnea, major depression, heart failure and coronary events to name a few, and studies have showned that the abdominal fat is the key factor rather than the fat elsewhere.

I came across this book retailed at around RM 70 (with hard cover) while browsing through some fitness book in Kinokuniya KLCC. It is interesting book and very motivational. Written by Frank Sepe, yeah the man at the centre on the cover, he is the same man who wrote The TRUTH : The Only Fitness Book You'll Ever Need. He is the monthly columnist for many fitness magazine, a spokesperson for MET-Rx and a fitness expert in ESPN shows. What i like about this book.. it is experience-based , not the complete work out plan journal your bubbly personal trainer design for you.

For this entry... let us take a look and understand the crunch which works your upper body. Aaaaa sorry about the rotated pictures. Above is known as basic crunch.

Crunches with knee in the air

Butterfly crunch.... the best of all my opinion

Crunches with legs straight out.

I recommend this book to everyone who enjoy reading fitness book. The price is quite affordable. Yeah... yeah... to my fellow friends .. you definitely can borrow from me. When you hit the gym... exercise smartly and make your every gym visit a good one..not just wasting your time loitering and chit-chatting around.


Beruang Madu aka Honey Bear said...

Shuk... ko ada ker buku tu.. pinjam leh tak .nak potostat... beli mahal lah... leh tak leh tak??

syukur said...

beruang madu : mmmmm dah agak..boleh no hal la

Catz said...

hi..found ur blog while blog hopping.
good info..bleh praktis utk leperkan perut..hiks..

syukur said...

thanks catz.... which gym are u going to?? hey i am your blog fan too.

axim said...

i wish i could have this flatter stomach..*matilaaa berangan padahal makan nak banyak...haha

Catz said...

hi syukur..
gym mana??..hahhahha...err..baru berangan nak pi gym sebenarnya..
dulu ada baru berangan..hihihihi

Beruang Madu said...

kata orang bijak pandai betara guru mangkubumi... makan buleh banyak tapi senam harus jugak banyak.... gituh

syukur said...

Beruang Madu : setuju setuju 100 peratus. tapi bila BM nak hit the gym back??

Catz ; Joim lah gym...Fitness first ker(macam saya) atau California macam Dr Shah ker. jom jom