Thursday, June 5, 2008

Park Royal Hotel Penang

Park Royal Hotel in Penang has newly-refurbished accomodation and facilities.Situated along the Ferringhi beach, the 5 star hotel awaits the visitors to the whole luxury treat. The rooms are spacious. I went there once ,staying for 2 nights as courtesy of Astra Zeneca and attending the Cardiology conference there.

The panaromic view has stolen my heart and the picturesque scenery without any doubt made my stay there an unforgettable one. The barely even touched white sandy beaches leaves the natural element in its ambience persona.

I love this picture very much. The tree with its unique branches stand out ..and it is like a hypnotic agent to keep you calm and peace.

This is the path from the hotel to the beach where one can stroll along freely and enjoy fun activities provided.
The washroom amenities are exclusively from the the St. Gregory spa line of treatment. Just pamper yourself and rejuvenate and for temporary, forget the hustle of city life.


Beruang Madu aka Honey Bear said...

Eh ini dah dekat sangat ngan rumah atuk Shah...

syukur said...

Beruang Madu :ye ker..shah org penang ker???

axim said...

aku suka tengok gambar last tuh...susunan toiletries tuh menarik..