Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Iftar di Sime Darby Convention Centre

Have you all been to this place ?? Located in Bukit Kiara KL, there is a place called Sime Darby Convention Centre where I supposed to meet my two trusted friends ; Ekin and Zuridah . Yup they are bloggers too but i knew them almost 4 years now and i value the friendship very much. Presumably if not because our pop darling, Dato' Siti Nurhaliza mega-concert in Royal Albert Hall London , we may not know each other. We had attended and been part of that blast !! And now , we get connected to each other progress by sms, blogs, calls and by other telecommunication devices. We were supposed to have Juliana and Budiey (the famous entertainment blogger) but they could not make it due to other thing.. Initially , we planned to call it off but i said to them..let the plan continued even the number was smaller. Kak Ila, Ekin god-sister joined us with her cute Baby Hidayah.

The three of US : Syukspunyastyle, The Precious Journal Of Me and Satu Kisah Blog/Zuridah Maxis.

I love this picture taken by Zuridah after i tought her a bit about her NIKON DSLR camera that she owned but hardly knew the overall function. I love the expression of Baby Hidayah and our eye interraction . I love this bright kid and she has no stranger anxiety at all and always mumbled `NAK ! NAK ! NAK !....he he ... very cuteeee !!!

Satu Kisah....Zuridah Maxis.....

Ekin....Precious Journal Of ME

Talking back about the Iftar we had in Sime Darby Convention Centre (SDCC) , the location is easily accesible , near INTAN in Bukit Kiara. Wow ... I accidentally met Tan Sri Yahya there with Datin Sri Suraiya and talked to Tan Sri for a short while.. I met this two medical experts before in day to day clinical practice.. Tan Sri is an established cardiothoracix surgeon who operated the coronary bypass of Tun Mahathir Mohammad. I replied SOON to Tan Sri when he questioned me when i am going to come out as full physician.

I am sorry to keep you salivating again but here are the pics taken.... Yummy

I love this Ikan Jenahak masak cili Api......love it ...love it..love it.....aaaaaa

The special SUP KAWAH ........ very nice.......

Food again................ i definitely gain weight this Ramadhan ... he he !!!

We left Halia Restaurant in SDCC about 9.30 pm and the buffet we got it for RM 55 per pax after 15 % discount as Kak Ila is the SDCC medical centre member. To Ekin and Zuridah... friends forever and thanks for accepting me the way I am.... My pleasure to know great people like both of you....


axim said...

wohooooo....another date ya...:)

macam ayah la pulak tengok doc pegang baby tu....comel jek baby tu yek..:)

Zuridah said...

Yeah...friends forever and i should thankful because you accepting me as ur fren.sapalah akak berbanding dengan tuan doctor...

Inah said...

the best friend is who can accept you the way you are and not try to change you..

bila nak date ni doc?? hahahaha :P

LadyVanity said...

hehehe yay photos again! :D making me hungry......

syukur said...

Axim :

Kita orang makan bersama malam tu sebab dah lama sangat tak keluar bersama-sama..
Pegang budak... Axim ..i love kids very much there.. tak tahulah macam mana orang kat luar sana sanggup buang anak, dera anak dan sebagainya..mmmm

Zuridah :

I am honoured to have friends yang dapat menerima kita sebagai diri kita sendiri..tak guna juga ada yang mengaku kawan tetapi kawan makan makan ! Faham kan proverb Bahasa Melayu tu...kepada sesiapa yang yang kurang faham Bahasa Melayunya...

Inah :

We need a little bit of change everyday but make sure to the better... to the better quality of life..tak perlulah kawan yang totally change YOU to somebody that is not YOU and to the extreme

Date ?? he he... i nyanyi jap ..."Kamu yang bawaku terbang"..hey Inah aussie tu jauh tau .. he he..just joking.. he he

Lady VAnity :

Hi Kim !.Gosh i gained few kilo's ... jadi tembam sudah !! even the pics did not really show..need to do alot of cardio exercise post raya.. he he he

Ekin said...

Wahh too many food pics.. lucky it's already midnight..

yeah that's what friends are for..accept whoever u are.. and vice versa...Luv the photo of u n hidayah.. pakcik nampak macam bapak laa..and of coz hidayah yg ala2 cute mcm auntie dia jugak (ahaks) and the last photo of me n Zue.. haha sempoii. i like it.. Thanks Syuks and Zue.. (Budiey and Jue.. lain kali join tau)

syukur said...

macam bapak....macam atuk pun ada jugak dah... he he he
Yesss Hidayah is very cutee.. suka tagline dia...NAK NAK NAK NAK

Yeah...the last photo really tells something about friendship..i love it too..

Budiey tu..he is rubbing shoulders with the stars... so susah la sikit kan ??

Jue ... alahai... tak tahulah dia ni.. asyik melancong free jerrr..

Maybe lepas raya we meet up.. ZUE tak nak buat open house kerrrr ????? hint hint

Faisal Admar said...

Alamak bro bakat ayah mithali dah ada le! Hehehe... I like that pic too!

I had stomachache for 2 days (until yesterday) and stayed home in boredom. I have no idea why but doc told me that I had food poisoning... which I doubt. Hehe how bad am I to underestimate a doc? Bad me...!

Catz said...

hi doc,
i love the photo too.then one with NAK-NAK-NAK....cute...and u look like berbakat jadi abah...huhuhuhu..
ciri-ciri dah ada tuh..hiks..
wah...dah le now pukul 10 pagi...nyesal tgk blog ko...
eihh....aku dah terbyg2 pulak mknn apa aku nak buka petang ni....iskk.

syukur said...

Faisal Admar :

oooo yer ker ?? bapa mithali ? he he Thanks for liking that pic.
It depends ...not all doctors are good they need training to become a specialist...

Catz :

tq tq.. Sapa suruh tgk blog I siang siang..... tulah dah kurang pahala puasa dah... he he
tapi u punya juadah berbuka mesti meriahhhhh..