Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cardiology Team Buaka Puasa Together...

Aaaaaa. an entry about food again. It was a treat from Astra Zeneca company to bring the whole cardiology team in HUKM for a " buaka puasa". It was my Head of unit choice to have it in Tupai tupai Restaurant, a very well-known Malay cuisine restaurant in Klang Valley. Thanks to Anna Ding and her boss from Astra for treating our get -together buaka puasa. We got to know each other better and we talked about anything apart from CARDIOLOGY that night... that was the rule !!! ha ha.

That was ME with my bosses and colleague : Dr Ting CK, Prof Oteh Maskon and Dr Samir (from Bangladesh)... errr and I was smiling.. who said i could not smile on pictures meh ???he he he

Anna Ding from Astra Zeneca who is covering Crestor, with my dedicated MO's : Dr Nik Razima, Dr Noorsharazat and my CCU MO : Dr Azrini.

Girl power in the team : Dr. Azrini, Dr Nik Razima and Dr Noorsharazat. Where was Dr Emma ?? Busy eating !!!!

The three among Malaysian's best cardiologists a.k.a my BOSSES : Dr.Noorfaizan, Dr. Ting CK (Calvin Klien ???..errrrr) and Prof. Oteh Maskon (Head of Cardiology unit).

Dr. Arif (my MO) was also there..

Who got the biggest biceps huh ??? He he he.......Dr. Noorfaizan's hyperkinetic son was also there and he is very cute....wanna cubit pipi dia !! Before leaving, we were given goodie bags from AstraZeneca .

The buffet price was RM 34 ++. The foods were plenty to choose from :

The restaurant was very FULL last night with Herbalife ...a weight reduction formula company threw an event there..errr...they sould hire me as their ambassador...he he..Thanks to Anna and the cardiology team !!


Catz said...

makan sedap-sedap lagii..
uhuksss....aku mkn karipap bazar ramadan jer.... ..sobss..sobsss..
semua nampak sedap...
ehm..RM34??>.murah la....isk..napalah rumah aku jauh dr tupai2...
err..ko mkn herbalife ke doc?..kalau nak jadik ammbassador kena mkn product dia kot...kwn aku mkn berkesan..jadik kurus...tapi mahal bebeno..

:: NbC :: said...

wow, all with Dr tittle in front of ur names...

jeles, struggling to put it in front of my name too..

edina monsoon said...

Tupai Tupai looks better in your pictures than when we were last there!! Nice food.

Ms B said...

so these docs are like Preston Burke in GA? Hmm, i wonder in real life, the docs are as good looking as the ones in GA, ER etc.

This tupai tupai plc looks familiar. Where is it actually? The food selection is awesome!

With these buffet all over town, do people lose weight during fasting mth? *LOL*

syukur said...

Catz :
taklah ..i tak pernah makan pun Herbalife tu... just having a good life may help..A LOT !!! YUp...makanan kat Tupai tupai sedap tetapi macam biasa...kalau selalu mungkin muak jugak.

Hi Pinky ! We have a deal... i am looking forward to become the co-organizer for the project. Mmmmm My father told me the last time there are few jobs people called by the job name until they rest in peace ..2 of them " CIKGU " (my father is a teacher) and " Doktor" (me).. Should I be proud of it ? Nah..NOPE...but i appreciate the title anyway.. Nice knowing you Pinky.

Edina :
During fasting month, there are NO steamboat like the usual months... They have prepared common Malay food but still a lot of seafood...!!!If you are a seafood lover

Ms B :
Yeah... the docs in ER or GA are probably gorgeous looking but the docs in HUKM and other Malaysian hospital hospitals i believe not only raise everybody's eyebrow with their charm...but the most important thing : they are not PROMISCOUS and kind-HEARTED (esp cardiology)...he he he..
If doctors do fashion catwalk..i think we can rock the event !! ha ha Nah..just joking.

shahril aley said...

wahhh makan makan
bestnye bro syuk
banyak gak kan menu restoran tupai2
larat ke merasa smua tu

nak jadi ambassador herbalife
dulu bro comey lotey ke?
kat my opis ade gak yg amek ubat herbalife tu
ntah la berkesan ke idak

:: NbC :: said...

Doktor, dats great.. ok we'll organize the trip 2gether..

nice knowing u too :-)

ms curvy said...

syukur, you are a good photographer.. love the pics..

Wahidah said...

wah wah wah siap dpt goodie bag lagi...seronoknyaaaa

budleee said...

yum squirrel squirrel. havent got a chance to be there yet lah.. hmm must go soon :)

edina monsoon said...

syukur: Oy..just don't get a gouty attack that's all I'm saying.

axim said...

tah bila la tok bear ngan papa doc nak bawak aku mai makan kat sini..

syukur said...

Sharil Aley :
Memang best tambah lagi orang sponsor.. he he he..I makan 4 full pinggan hari tu..boss I cakap huh lepas tu balik rumah mesti muntah balik... mmmm i am not bullemic...
Herbalife tak pernah try pun... dulu tersangat gemuk (114 kg) he he he..

It is my plaesure... tambah lagi tempat yang we all nak pergi tu aku kenal bangat !I try my best to become tour co-organizer.

Hi Ms Curvy :
Among the circles of my photography/blogger's friends, MINE is considered the worst.. ha ha ha..but tQ for liking it that much.. i am honoured.

Wahidah :
yup goodie bags... biasalah drug company to boost up sales dia tapi some drug reps..i ve got to know more towards friends than working relations.

Budleee : WHATTTTTTT ??? Are you serious ? A KL-lite like you never been here ? Arrrrrghhhhhhh.. i don't believe this... he he

Edina :
Then i ll take my Colchicine until i ll get diarhhea or i ll go for Sonotron machine people says good for rheumatism.... he he but food..seafood..mmmmm simply irresistable !! We have to go for buka puasa together with Hamdi and Nafisah like the other day.. We need that gossip session again.. he he he A MUST before Raya.

AXim : kalau dia orang tak nak bawa..huh..jom la Jiran Tetangga ni yang bawa ..


doc. syuk senyum?
tapi naper jauh sangat gambor tu.. dah le malam.. tak nampak sangat le..
lenkali close-up dekat sikit yek?hehehe

tupai2 restoran ni mmg sedap food dia.. last year putu & the gang pergi pun..sampai tak larat nak makan.. byk variety.. sedap2 pulak tu..

LadyVanity said...

hehe i like 2 read ur blog la.... so many pics... makes things very interesting ^^ take care.... selamat berpuasa!