Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dan says "Love Isn't A Feeling, Love Is An Ability"

I had to borrow Hamdi's laptop again on Sunday to create new links to my blog domain. Something wrong with my laptop where the error sign kept popping out once i tried to save the links. Ismardi from Kedah also arrived at the same time and they decided to watch this DVD owned by Azmin. I was about to go home after completing the task when i finally stuck myself with this story charm and glued to the TV monitor. Really nice one..Anyone has seen it ?? Steve Carrel and Juliet Binoche played their character well...very well in deed..

Back to the plot, Dan (Steve) met Marie (Juliet) in a bookstore on the way to his parents house. The fell for each other , in a glimpse.. and they made their way,hoping that they meet again sooner. They have their fingers crossed, but to Dan's amazement, Marie is his brother's new soulmate. They family gathering went well with both Dan and Marie faked their feelings and hide their love for each other.

I was thinking ; would you sacrifice for love if you know that the person you love is your own siblings or your good friends love interest ???? Damn it !! It is very hard to answer that !!! Either you lose the LOVE or you lose your own good people around you ...

A recommended movie to watch and lots of family values as well . I love this 2 quotes from Dan in this movie :




:: NbC :: said...

well Syuk, personally i think friend(s) r more valuable..



Ms B said...

"What is it? Is it frustrating that you can't be with this person? That there's something keeping you apart? That there's something about this person that you can connect with? And whenever you're near this person, you don't know what to say, and you say everything that's in your mind and in your heart, and you know that if you could just be together, that this person would help you become the best possible version of yourself?"

It reminds me of Definitely Maybe. The guy discovered his true love through his daughter's assistance (and persistence!)

budleee said...

hmm he looks good in this movie, is this an old or new movie eh?

Kembara Musafir said...

it all depends if you are a bitch/slut or not... if yes, then no hal, you only live once... hehe... have I ever done it? err... eh mana aderrrr...!! :) but, seriously.. cannot laaa.... friends & family you know, very sacred one...!

Inah said...

mcm besh la pulek cite ni..thanks doc :)

Wahidah said...

best eik citer nie...later on i try ricky citer ni kayy

axim said...

i think i would be da person that will sacrifice to others..:)

syukur said...

well it depends on the person itself...some friends are killing your chances and oppurtunities...he he

Ms B :
Thanks dear for your rich words and kind comments... we do have similarity in that sense in term of writing.. he he..sometimes it is the circumstances ... It takes TWO to say YES and COMMIT...and a realtionship blossoms..

Budlee :
It was produced last year if i was not should watch..full of laughter and good advice..

syukur said...

Kembara Musafir :
I would not call it a bitch/slut...too harsh a word !!... BUT it that really takes into account,, WHY NOT ? Bring them ON..he he he
Nice to know that you like to sacrifice for others..good thing !!

Inah :
Yess ..very good .. tengok lah kurang sikit rasa sunyi sepi di Kota Melbourne tu.... hey i nak gi Aussie boleh ?? Bila yek ??

Wahidah :
yesss tengok la dan beri komen pasan citer ni..

Axim :
I believe you WILL Axim ! Such a nice gentleman you are....

waaaaa.. kenape komen aku kali ni ala ala DAN dalam cerita ni ajer... Apo kono nih ?? He he he he

suesamsudin said...

Nape kene guna words bitch @ slut tu? :(

nway, kalo su kan, let say laki tu suka kat su, n su pun suka kat dia, MAYBE su akan go ahead with him,provided dia yg sebenar2nya xde feeling towards my sis kalo dia suka my sis n me, i mmg akan diamkan diri je n biarkan mereka dgn keluarga mereka....xnaklah jd org ketiga n mengharu birukan hidup org lain...biar kita sorang je haru biru...kat mana nak cari citer ni ye doc?

Ekin said...

wahh mcm best cerita nih.. mesti tonton. and those in RED i think the second would suits u more.. (hahaha.. memandai je aku)

Ekin said...

aik..? saved tak tadi..?

Cerita nih nampak menarik sangat.. hmm i guess those words in RED the second would suits you more (hehehe memandai je aku)

syukur said...

Sue :
Everyone has their own way to get over the dilemma..You definitely have a gut to do what u think is right..sue..good for least you opt for something in life rather than let the bygone be the bygone.

Ekin :
Mmmmmm the second in RED applies to anyone laa Ekin..jadi tak gathering kita tu ????

Ekin said...

(uiikk double comment aku)iyo la tuh.
Ye confirmed this Sunday. See u there.