Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tagged From Ms B

Tagged from Ms B....never met her in person but the questions here are worth answering...mmmm
And I have my niece full support... Hanzalah..i called him Hanz... hopefully he grows up as handsome as Hans Isaac.. ha ha ha

1. When is the last time you ran? Yesterday...running on the threadmill is my daily routine at the gym!
2. Do your jeans have rips, tears and holes in them? Not at the moment
3. What are you dreading right now? Nothing in particular.
4. Do you celebrate 4/20? What is this ??? Ha ha
5. When is the last time you saw your significant other? Mmmm..I don't know !
6. Do you get the full eight hours of sleep every night? Only on weekends
7. What is your favorite current song? Kamu Yang Bawaku Terbang by Fabulous Catz
8. If anyone came to your house on your lazy days, what would you do? Try to be cheerful..and it depends who is that person.
9. Who last grabbed your ass? Some psychotic crazy desperate people at the gym....Back off !!!
10. Have you ever been in your school’s band? I was a solo singer..used to sing Ibnor Riza number in the school talentime ...ha ha
11. Do you own a pair of Converse? Nope.
12. Did you copy and paste this survey? Definitely....
13. Do you eat raw cookie dough? Nope
14. Have you ever kicked a vending machine? I am against vandalism.
15. Do you hate it when a radio ruins a song by playing a slow one after it? Yeah !
16. Do you watch Trading Places? Is it something about travelling ?? He he ....No idea laaa
17. Have you ever stayed on line a long time waiting for someone? Someone that i care.....of course !
18. Are you ‘cocky’? Mmmmm ... Maybe ..ha ha
19. Could you live without a computer? Nope....i die without it
20. Do you wear your shoes in the house? Nope...but house sandals sometimes !
21. At what age did you find out Santa was not real? Since i started to know about the very tender age.
22. How many phones, house phones and cell phones are there in your home? 2 mobiles, 1 landline.
23. What do you do when you are sad? Shopping , spa or hitting the gym.....these 3 :great relievers
24. Who would you call first if you won the lottery? No one....keep it all to myself..ha ha
25. Last time you saw your best friend? Tough question....ABSTAIN !!
26. Who, or What sleeps with you? I wish i wake up with somebody every morning , having a brief intimate chit-chat on the bed before going to morning bath..but ha ha I sleep alone.
27. Are you still in High School? No.
28. Is anyone on your bad side now? Pass ! Next one.
29. What jewelry are you wearing now? A ring. I wear it sometimes but definitely not at work since everyone will keep on asking wether i just got engaged ..he he... a friend gave it to me
30. What is the first thing that you do when you get on line? Check my e-mails, Facebook and my blog comments
31. Do you watch Grey’s Anatomy? Sometimes...
32. Would you ever wear a boy/girlfriends clothes? Different size ! Will not fit..ha ha
33. Where do you work? Kuala Lumpur
34. What are you doing on Friday? Dinner with friends or being online
35. Is Justin Timberlake becoming the next Michael Jackson? 2 different personality
36. Favorite name for a girl? Zatu' Irqin (name after a place near Mecca where you can start your "niat" for the Haj .
37. Favorite name for a boy? Najul Mustaqim (i will call him Aqim for short).... actually i had these 2 names long time ago..yeah if i have kids later !
38. Will you keep your own name when you get married? Yes.... aiyo....this question is for non Malay only laaa.
39. When is the last time you left your house? Few hours ago
40. Do you return your cart (I assume trolley)? sometimes..depending on how far !
41. Do you have a dishwasher? Nope.
42. What noise do you hear? I live in a peaceful community !

Next 5 person to tag : Catz, Budlee, Faisal Admar, Zuridah Maxis, Ekin


Faisal Admar said...

done! hehe. fast enough?

Ms B said...

Wow! That was quick! Thanks for being such a good sport.

Hope your weekend was good.

edina monsoon said...

question number 40: YOU Don'T return the cart EVERY single time??????? So...those trolleys lying about the carparks obscuring traffic...some of it is your fault?? Teruk:)


may your wish for Zatu' Irqin & Najul Mustaqim comes true... aminn..!!

:: NbC :: said...

42 questions all 2gether..? fuh, salute u lah bro.. lajin woo..

budleee said...




axim said...

nak jugak kena TAG...hehe..

between,i'm back!!


syukur said...

Faisal Admar :
wow that was superfast !!! he he

Ms B ;
TQ Ms B....awesome weekend ..i hung out in Pavillion until 12 MN..ha ha

edina :
Not all the time laaa... I tak suka sangat sepah sepah tau..he he

Putu :
Thanks Putu... Doakan banyak banyak !

ha ha ha soalan tu copy paste dan jawab ajer secara spontan..he he

Budlee :
No other Budlee that I know of except than YOU..Budlee ..he he

Axim :
I tgh tunggu nak tag u soalan soalan yang berbaur 18SX ..boleh ??? he he he

Faisal Admar said...

haha mati axim kali ni! axim aku ingat nak tag ko tapi aku baca last entry ko cakap nak away mcm membawa diri jek. tu yg aku tak tag! haha next time jaga!

Zuridah said...

Doc..i akan cuba jawab by this weekend yea...

p/s: Dah simpan nama untuk anak2...erm...nampaknya tak lama lagilah tu....hehehe

syukur said...

Faisal : hey Axim is back laaaa... dia suam suam kukuk kejap tu..

Zuridah : Ha ha ha ha...tak tau lah Zue I nak cakap macam mana !

Catz said...

i suka lagu-lagu ibnor riza...!!!
err..tag ni nanti saya langsaikan ye..

syukur said...

ohhhh yeah.....lagu ibnor riza zaman 80 -an memang syahdu di dengar

Ekin said...

wah banyaknya soklan.. semua kena jawab ke? hehe insya allah..

wah bagusnya dah ada suggestion utk nama anak (btw ur fav name for girl tuh mmg cantik..)dahsyat pakcik nih :)

Wahidah said...

byknya soklan.....isk3.......