Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Short Break to A Magnificent Spot...

I will be leaving KL for a short while on early Thursday to take a break from work to this magnificent well-known tourist spot in the land of Cambodia ; The Angkor Watt. Yeah,,no blog updates, no activities on Facebook and i will not answer any call except the urgent ones or important people. I am longing and waiting for this wondeful escapade and it is a way to treat myself for my 31st birthday about a week ago. I hope this trip will somehow rejuvenate my complex mind right now. Yeah .. everyone needs a break !! So do I..Wish me a safe return journey ! See ya when i am back ..
Any tip and advice from anyone who had been there before ??? Greatly appreciated


Catz said...

selamat jalan doc..enjoy ur holiday.

Catz said...

and come back with nice photos yea..

Hairie Otai said...

hey Syuk... wah gi bercuti kat Cambodia. Enjoy urself tau.. tips arr.. mee daging kat sana best... :)

Zuridah said...

Amik pic banyak-banyak yea....nak buah tangan blh..hehehe


have a nice holiday and safe journey yek syuk..!

take care...!

axim said...

see you when i see you..

take care..

Ms B said...


Have a nice break k! havent been there but i heard it's good.

Winter came early. it snowed last nite.

syukur said...

Catz :
yeah ..tq Catz dan sudah semestinya..i will not waste my DSLR capability.. ha ha

Hairie :
TQ mate for the tips..mee daging yer ..mmmmm harus ku cari.

Zuridah :
Tq....mesti gambar tu paling penting

Putubambu :
TQ Putu..ha ha yer ker suara I lain dalam phone ??? anyway nice talking to u over the phone.. Tq for your wish

Axim : yup see u Bro !!

Ms B :
wow snow !! Put up some pics of snow la my dear in your blog... he he

Ms B said...

i tell u what. one day u get to see my pic playing with snow. maybe i email tru inah. :-)

anyway, try listen to the new song by nickelback - gotta be somebody (think so thats the title).

hv fun!!!!!

ps: i hope u are going there with a lady friend. *winks*

yazrie said...

happy holiday doc

Wahidah said...

have a ncie journey..sure best..pi tmpat sejarah tu..:p

Ekin said...

One of my girlfriend penah pegi sana.. her back pack kena snatched masa naik tut-tut.. tak pasal2 kena menangis kat embassy off.. nasib baik bleh balik ontime. akhirnya tak sempat pi angkor watt gak.. sadis kan