Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bunga Citra Lestari vs Christian Bautista

Lama jugak tak buat entry pasal lagu... he he gempak tak cara CD piring hitam ni di ambil... Kita akan ulas 2 album ni.. One is an Indonesia petite lady and one is Philiphines handsome lad. Yup Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) vs. Christian Bautista. Album BCL ni baru sementara album Christian ni dah lama... baru terjumpa balik dalam koleksi album yang dimiliki.

With regards to BCL new album ..mmmm .. i prefer the previous one because this album lack of musical intensity and the song choice is not suited well with BCL vocal. Yeah have Dewiq and Andi Rianto as the composers but somehow it failed to impress me and to give me a WOW !! factor. The duet with Ari Lasso is probably the measure to save the album ... Marketing strategy ! No doubt BCL has unique vocal performance in an album and she is a popular artist in that neighbouring country apart from her controversy with Ashraff Sinclair that created a stir in entertainment scene.

Eventhough Christian doesn't have the vocals of Hazami or Anuar Zain as for comparison but what i like about his voice, he sings with the heart..yup not too much high-pitch thing, vibrato or falsetto....this model turn singer delivers the songs very well... I bought this album in Jakarta and you definitely dream to get it here in KL. Again, lots of love songs and i love this track very much...2ND song of the album (you can click on the song in my blog and take a listen). He has other few albums in Philiphines which i am dying to get... anyone going to Manila soon ????? Can kirim meh ???

SINCE I FOUND YOU.....the lyric..

i think of you in everything that i do to be with you what ever it takes i'll do cause you my love, you all my heart desires you've lighten up my life forever i'm alive

since i found you my world seems so brand new

you've show me the love i never knew y

our presence has sparked my whole life through

since i found you my life begin so new

now who needs a dream when there is you

for all of my dreams came true since i found you

your love shines bright through all the corners of my heart

maybe you are my dearest heart

i give you all i have my heart, my soul, my life my destiny is you

forever true... i'm so in love with you

since i found you my world seems so brand new

you've show me the love i never knew your presence is what my whole life through

since i found you my life begin so new now

who needs a dream when there is you for all of my dreams came true

since i found you

my heart forever true... in love with you..


Ms B said...

Love, in any shape or form, sure makes us feel alive. it gives life a purpose, a meaning.

Sometimes it comes when you least expected. Sometimes it is there for a short while. Yet, it is better to have experienced love.

Btw, I am an aunt to a beautiful baby girl. *smiles*

have a lovely day syuk! I know I am.

armybrat5311 said...

hurm..i'm not sure but i guess there is something wrong with your music player.

the song had been fully loaded,but i cant hear any music from your blog.

by the way, i just launched my new blogsite at here.this is my address:

i hope you will come to my blog and leave a commnt there.thank you. :)

syukur said...

Ms B :
ha e song is very nice to hear ...Christian is like a male version of Lea salonga... yup everyone needs love...and you know it when you meet the right person...

Armybrad5311 :
I think i had successfully uploaded the song...yeah u can always hear it again in imeem ..hear it. ...very nice song indeed... sure i will visit yours too..happy blogging.

Lily.Lulu said...

kita suka style dr syuk snap cd tuh ;)


Ms B said...


cant you order it online and get it delivered to kl?

hmm, I think you are in the wrong profession. You should have joined the music/arts industry. *smiles*

Zuer said...

yer ker christian tu ada suara mcm hazami atau anuar...?

Catz said...

another great song..

Wahidah said...

lurve the songs..:)

Zuridah said...

Doc Syukur,
U ni so creative lah...amik gambar penuh dengan kesenian.

syukur said...

Ms B :
yeah.. you can but i need to get the real CD copy ..come in a good condition...Ha ha a music is my hobby. I appreciate good music !. but i do seriously wanna learn and take up guitar class before i reach 40.. But i enjoy what i do now ..treating patients and to see them recover from their illneses..

Lily Lulu :
emmmm suka ?? Tq tq tetapi taklah sama kualitinya kalau Lily yang ambil dengan Nikon u kan .. he he

Zuer :
He has a filipino voice... tak sama macam Anuar Zain... Christian has very soothing voice to hear but he delivers each song very well.

Catz :
Tq Catz... it is a nice song..

Wahidah :
TQ TQ... songs that are close to your heart ..simply meaningful..

Zue :
ok ok..nanti kita gather dan ambil gambar lagi... tgh menuntut ilmu lagi untuk fotografi ni.. he he