Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Flying Chillies.... Simply Thailicious

My friends said I have been gaining weight lately...arrrrrgghhh.. yeah... this probably because too much of makan makan activities....Nevertheless, an invitation from a good friend of mine to this place is simply unforgettable. Flying Chillies ....Simply Thailicious is a Thai restaurant that you have to visit next on your list . Located in The Gardens Midvalley, it serves the authentic taste of Thai's best dishes that really suit well with my taste buds.

Both of us really love this place. With my NIKON DSLR and our chat about food , everyone around might be mistaken US as food critics........... that helped to speed up our order in a way...he he he. We ordered food enough for 4 people to eat and we did "tarfan" more rice..he he he.. The green curry is simply hot !!!!!!

Seafood Tomyam...Thai style was simply amazing !!

Asparagus for our vegetables....

The spring roll..... yummy !!

Chicken Pandan !!! awwwwww... delicious baby !!!

We have this for our dessert.... sweet and very seductive taste !!!

Even my drink was GOOD !!!!

The place with white concept and clean environment was really my favourite element to visit here once again...I gave good credit to this restaurant management for the awesome food... well ..i think it is more superior than the Bangkok House in terms of food taste, price and the ambience... Try visit this place and sawadikap to the food... A recommended place !!!

To my good friend... thanks for " belanja " me that night and hopefully we can search other great dining places in the near future....yeah after you are back from Europe.


letti said...

Okay, I admit I have a dirty mind, but your "sweet and seductive dessert" looks pretty censored to me :)

Beruang Madu said...

Syuk, itu kalau belanja... kalau tak belanja berapa agak2 harga semua tu?? Lebih baik dari Bangkok House? Hmmm okeh.. nanti Abg Bear akan ke sana jugak... adakah lebih sedap dari Riverview.... kita saksikan nanti

Ms B said...

U know, each time I go back, I dont really crave for asian food. There are many halal restaurants here that serve dishes from our region.

What I miss most is steak, esp from TGI Fridays, Victoria station, etc. *smiles*

Sigh, I dont know when my next trip will be.

A f f e n d i O s m a n said...

have u tried chitralada at great eastern mall?

pun sedap!
nice view
reasonable price

Catz said...

ehmm..thai food..pebret ku...isk.isk.
cantiknya tempat ni...anyway ni kat belah mana The garden nih..teringin nak pegi nih....
wah..photo2 mu juga mengancam...lawa lah gambar2 now nih....
ambiance pun menarik...
err..doc..mahal tak makan kat sini??


syukur said...

Letti :
Hi Letti... waaaaaa.. aiyo.... will it pass from the censorship board ??? ha ha is your ,my dear mum to be friend ?? Sends my congrats to your hubby !

Beruang Madu :
Pergi jangan tak pergi...i suka tempat tu dan makanan dia dan pasti akan TARFAN lagi nasi putih tu... sedap laaa dan pedas ala Thai..Cubalah !!

Ms B :
Hey you still have no CLUE where to go for your holiday ??? Come back home laaa then ...we can have makan makan

Affendi Osman :
Bila En Fendi nak bawa pergi ?? he he he i ON ajer...

Catz :
Tempat ni kat Gardens tingkat atas sekali ...dekat The signature cinema GSC dia...Foto foto tu menarik ?? TQ..tapi banyak yang nak kena belajar lagi... Makanan kat sini boleh katakan affordable...tapi sebab member I yang belanja then ha ha tak tahu pulak harga total dia..

budleee said...

hey i saw this restaurant when we got out of GSC signature..

i thought i have seen this before..

Faisal Admar said...

pedas kan doc? hehe saya tak makan pedas. nanti terus sedih haha

syukur said...

Budlee :
yeah it is near the GSC Signture cinema

Faisal Admar :
oooo yer ker..memang pedasssss.. tapi sedappppp!