Saturday, October 18, 2008

Experimenting On The Starbuck Cup

Experimenting on the Starbuck Cup !!! Yeah.. sometimes you don't really need spectacular objects to capture beautiful pictures. You just need the right ANGLE, FRAME and EXPOSURE !! That was what i concluded after a photography discussion with a fellow friend who has magical touch and superb pictures in his photography work on last weekend ..

We hung out in this Pavillion Starbucks and started experimenting on the cups..ha ha

I loved this pic of me ..he he...maybe the expression.. ha ha

The Michaelangelo's restaurant in front of the Starbuck ... SNAP !!!

These 2 pics below looked very similar but again they are different with just a single switch in the setting. Can you guess ??

Thanks to my dear friend for advice and tips and for your precious time ..appreaciate that ! . At least for my next trip to Cambodia Siam Reap, i would manage to take better images.


Ms B said...


U've been tagged. :-)

Faisal Admar said...

nice! i tried dslr in office. yes it belongs to my company of course. love it!

syukur said...

Ms B : yeah i ve done it too

Faisal Admar : yeah slr is nice...u should purchase one.. he he

Catz said...

cantik2nya gambarrr....
makin teror nampakkk..

syukur said...

ha ha ha Catz mesti kena Tipah Tertipu ni....gambar kat entry sebenarnya i punya TOK Guru dalam bidang fotografi yang ambil..ha ha ha..kalau i yang ambil mestilah tak cenggini..ha ha

crewcut75 said...


Looking forward to the Cambodia postings.

syukur said...

Crew....i take that as a challenge !!! Ha ha will post later after i come back.