Saturday, October 11, 2008

For DERMARIAN Gathering .....November ????

DERMARIAN......... If you are talking about the most prestigous non-boarding school in Perlis, the Perlisian will definitely answer is SEK. MEN . DERMA.!!..and the graduates are called The Dermarian...yup we have our own Facebook group that entirely re-united us again !! Facebook has done wonders....After coming back from my boss raya open house, I went to meet 2 of my old schoolmates...Mr Budie and Marzikmal aka Genok . I met Budiman few times and this is the first time, i met Genok again ! It brings back the school memories. Our unity kept the school at its own CLASS !! That spirit really inspired everyone of us ...

We gathered in Hajris Bistro and later to Sri Melati Restaurant in Cheras for a specific reason..yeah to reunite all DERMARIAN from the SPM 94/95 group in a get-together reunion. We changed , we have our own careers and we live in the metro KL, some maybe spoilt.. he he but our hearts are still strong towards DERMA.... Some might be your old enemies but we plan to come together , forget the past and for the good name of our beloved school , a reunion will take place somewhere in November 2008.. InsyaAllah...

Me and Genok.......Genok and me, were in the same class of 5 Arif ....been the back-benchers in the class and always laughed out loud if anyone made jokes !! Genok was impressed by my 31 inch waistline and well-defined biceps..... he he

Mr. Budie and his daughter, Mimin....he he Mimin already called me UNCLE DOC !!!.. Opss sori Mimin.. uncle forgot to bring you some chocs !

Budi's wife, Zavina joined us later after coming back from the gym. She will help in organising the event as well... Thanks Zavina ! You are very supportive.

I ordered this Kiwi juice only as my stomach was still full but the Budi's Mee Sup was sooo tempting that i could not resist to try a bit... ha ha

To the out for the details and annoucement in FB group and Yahoo group... and i am very hopeful this will become a reality !!! Please support guys ! You can drop us the messages either me, Budiman or Marzikmal Omar..


Ms B said...

Uncle doc? *smiles*

I was among the first among my batch to have a kid and some of them refused to be referred as aunty/uncle. *LOL*

I am currently waiting news from home as my sister is in labour. It has been more than 24 hrs! She started having contractions at 4am Saturday Msia time (it is now 5am sunday msia time). Lamanya! Mine was induced and it took 8 hrs only.

Zavina said...

Haa.. sbenarnye panjang lagi title tu.. it's 'uncle doctor kwn dady yg bagi chocolate'... and sori, i've been using the 'uncle doc' title utk bbrapa occasion eg: kena tukar plaster, kalau tak uncle doc inject mimin... Heeheee...
P/s: i dgr siem reap byk silk *hint hint*