Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Boss Raya Open House

It was Friday yesterday and while heading our way to my boss, Prof Oteh house for his Raya Open House, the traffic along MRR2 was expected to be this massive . We took off from HUKM at 6 pm , hoping that we reached his house before 7 pm and thanks to Anuar skills , we managed to be there on time..ha ha.. definitely Anuar isn't a reckless driver..

I changed to my Baju Melayu Johor . Anuar did not have ample time to go back and change. Maz was in complete yellow and Prof in his satin white baju melayu...

Prof and his family prepared all the food by so to my colleagues who did not had missed the self-cooked delicious ayam tandoori, nasi dagang, nasi beriyani, kuah kacang, ketupat and lemang and all the cookies... And i had eaten 3 plates in total..aarrrrgghhh

Osama, our Libyan colleague tried his Baju looked nice and Beni was still in his working attire...(hai ! tak panas ker pakai tie merah tu bang !!!) We met few lecturers from USIM (Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia), a new university and they offered to join the university which currently based in Ampang Hospital and Temerloh Hospital. They offer sounded very interesting and i loved to think about it seriously into joining the USIM faculty.

My colleagues : Dr Nik, Dr Darinah and Dr. Wan Ros were also there. They came in a car pool.

Foods were plenty and i tried almost everything... Can you imagine how many kilometres i have to spend on the treadmill to burn back the calories ???? arrrrrgghhh..



inah said...

alerr..x acik dpt duit raya :P

budleee said...

i had the same feeling when eating all the open house food.

a few kilos gains for great food and company? I think its worth it :D

edina monsoon said...

As usual nice pictures. This is the first time I'm seeing Darina...since she got back to work:) In the group photo, why is anuar looking away from the camera??? Food?

syukur said...

Inah :
Nak duit raya dari Inah,,bley ??? Dalam mata wang Aussie dollar..he he

Budlee :
Yup same here.. the next day i ll be hitting up the gym and do vigorous cardio exercise... he he

Edina :
I think so coz the Tandoori chicken was very nice.... why were u not going ??? As usual.. foods were a lot !!! Yummy !

Ekin said...

wah best dpt duit raya kan? hmm ekin pun dapat.. boss kita baik2 kan? syiok

syukur said...

Ekin....yeah.....bila Ekin nak bagi duit raya kat I ni ????

Ms B said...

*smiles* come to think of it, I gave duit raya to the students too (we are talking guys/girls in their 20s). Happy kids indeed!

:: NbC :: said...

ewahhhh, dpt duit raya lg..
errrr, my green envelope jgn lupa simpan ok.. balik kang i claim sekali ngan raya haji..

edina monsoon said...

I had something to do lah. THat's why I couldn't go. The food looks VERY nice;)

Catz said...

eh..dah tua..opss..dah besar2 dapat duit raya jugak??...berapa amount nya tuh...nak lah jugakkk...
makan jelah doc...toksah dipikirin berapa km duk atas threadmill..makannn je..hikssss..

syukur said...

Ms B :

Ooo consider i am one your student ..he he ...any duit raya for me...pleaseee ?? he he

Pinky :

Green angpau....ok lah angpau jer boleh..tapi isi dia kosong ..he he he

Edina :
You definitely miss Prof Oteh's wife cook of Ayam Tandoori...all of us took 2 ketul lagi.....yummy

Catz :
Kena fikir la Catz.. tak boleh ..nanti saham I jatuh.. he he he


wah..bestnya... dah besar2 pun dapat duit raya...

Lily.Lulu said...

wahhh .. siap dpt duit raya lagi yer ..

konpem masyuk !!

yazrie said...

nak gakkkkkkkkk duit raya!!!

syukur said...

Putu :
memang best..lagi besar lagi besar duit raya dia kan ?? he he

Lily : Konpem..Lily

Yazrie :
Ha tulah mintalah kat boss u tu.. he he

syukur said...

Putu :
memang best..lagi besar lagi besar duit raya dia kan ?? he he

Lily : Konpem..Lily

Yazrie :
Ha tulah mintalah kat boss u tu.. he he