Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Spice Trader and New Friends (Err.. Few Not So New)

On one of the night, the delegates were brought to this nice BBQ style restaurant in Sheraton called The Spice Trader. We occupied half section of the restaurant. The views that face the blue waters of Pantai Kok was simply stunning. The initial plan was to have a group dinner by the beach (even more romantic !!) but it was changed to The Spice Trader at the very last minute due to bad weather . The foods were plenty and i ate like i have been starved for ages.. he he ...Gotta run on the treadmill when i am back to KL.

I arrived to this place after the sunset i missed the panoramic views captured by some of the other delegates. The dim light and the freshness aroma of that place lifted up my romantic feelings again.. aaaaa.. tantalizing !!! I will feature the food picture in my Sheraton food collection later..

I love meeting new friends and new characters...because i learn something about LIFE from them. On that particular night , we sat on one table ( 5 of us) and chit-chatting like we have known each other for years.. What a Deja-vu ...Interesting topics and some gossips??? He he nose got an artefarct... in the hands of non-photographers..he he

This is my table... yeah it was my seat that left empty in the place. Just to introduce all the 5 of them who kept me a good company that night. Nice chit-chatting that night guys..i enjoyed it very much. From anti-clock-wise from my seat :

Wesley Lee (black shirt) :

I knew him when he covered HUKM as product specialist for Plavix (Clopidogrel) few years back. He is still a bubbly person and outgoing, similar , nothing much changed about him. Hardly seen him nowadays since he covered IJN a year ago. He loved to have a DSLR in the future .. hey Wes.. join the DSLR club. Thanks for sharing your plan about your BIG decision !! I felt honoured to give my input about the BIG DAY.. Hey .. keep me updated about the progress ya !. He has joined California recently for fitness and exercise.. Good for you dude !! He has his own blog...about FOOD ! Just click on his name here.

Fauzi :

I met Fauzi for the first time in Bangkok in ONTARGET Trial meeting. We are good as shopping partner.. he he ..He is the Head of Medical Department in Kuala Pilah Hospital. Young and vibrant ..that is the best to describe him. He loves food too. A very intelligent guy and i am looking forward to see you again in next available course.. he he

Sherlyn :

She was the ROSE among the torns that night.. he he. She is a very petite lady and thanks for admiring my pictures that much. She managed to capture the sunset view from his mobile camera phone. Awwww... jealous.. he he. She is working with Sanofi and currently covers Malacca Hospital. She is not a typical female drug reps but her demeanour is simply elegant. Hey... contact me whenever you are in KL ..ok ???

Tharma :

The only married person on that table. Highly motivated sales presentative for Sanofi. He had to buy the kitchen apparatus for his wife and he got a saving by RM 100 for buying it in Langkawi as compared to KL.. Wow nice bargain man !! He greeted me everyday and has his own irresistable charm. Hey.. great to know you Tharma. Don;t get too distress while covering HTAR .. he he. That hospital is always fully congested.

Darrick Lim :

He is our tour organiser. I admire his workhaholic attitude. He ventured into various jobs which i thought i could not even cope. From freelance tour agent, fitness model (arrrgh.. he got 8 packs !! I am jealous !!, independant personal trainer, businessman and others.. i wonder he ever has his own leisure time apart from work. work and work... He told us his succeessful stories that night, his passion towards fitness and the wonderful places he had been to while doing the tour job and the obstacles he had to face like death while travelling, losing passport and missing people.

To all of them... great to know you and i am looking forward to meet you guys again for a drink and chit-chatting agenda again.. he he.


Wesley said...

Hi there,

Its always fun to be able to be on duty outstation, accompanying delegates whom attend the meetings.

Its really different as compared to going into the hospitals, waiting for you guys at the corridors, running together with few other medical representatives to fight for turns, to promote drugs. (Like vulture kan? Hehe.. I m not ler, ain't no pushy dude! Very understanding & sensitive.. Haha, self praise..)

I really enjoy casual moments where we can chat about anything under the sun, apart from business. (We shall leave business over the corridors k)

Yeah, I will for sure get the DSLR, I've aimed for it. As for now, I've got other priorities (You know..) MUST.BUY.CANON! Maybe Nikon.. Hmm, Sony also quite chun.. Err, I shall decide later..

California fitness, my "investment"! I will have to make sure I lose weights! MUST.LOSE.WEIGHTS! I've "invested" much, there must be ROI (Return on investment), though with some risks (Uncontrollable unhealthy sinful diets, tiredness.. Err, more of like laziness & etc).. But after Darrick & ur sharing.. I m soooo INSPIRED & MOTIVATED! The next time we meet, I am gonna look different (Hope not broader & wider at the mid section lar).. Let's just wish me the best while I put in my efforts!


syukur said...

Hey Wesley ,

Thanks for dropping by. Nice comment. The Nikon D 300 is nice as well as the Canon 450D (as a beginner). Canon DSLR has easier handling and it is easy to get the lenses that fix to the camera.. Up to your choice..
About The BIG AGENDA.. do let me know how the other party respond.. he he.. I hope she say YESSSS..

shar83 said...

eiii best laa makan2.. geramm grrrrr

budleee said...

hee i like wesley cheeky comment on the gym :D

ooh 8 pacs.. now that is will power.. :D

*that artifact looks likes its picking your nose lah :p

syukur said...

Shar83 : thanks for visiting my blog...geram ?? makanan memang menggeramkan.. he he

Budleee : Wesley is definitely a cheeky friend of mine eventhough we started to know each other as doctor and medical sales representative. Yeah that artefact !!! Errrr...

axim said...



Anonymous said...

Jst browse thru n saw ur blog. It is a lovely calm place indeed...especially meeting up with friends. Seems u enjoy ur session of meeting new friends as well. Read about ur tour organiser.. wow.. seems a good n friendly organiser sharing his experiences.

HsNadien said...

browsing thru n saw this place highlighted in ur blog. looks nice n calm.. a good place too for relaxing n chatting i.e out of work topic..

fr ur blog, u have met some good mates around. i'm sure ur tour organiser has done an amazing job there n sharing a good experiences with u guys...