Monday, February 9, 2009

A Reversed Aging Process.... Anyone ??

An oppurtunity to watch this peculiar story about a reversed ageing process made me ponder what if i am given that option besides the normal sequalae of life. It is unexceptional to be born with kid's intelligent and 70 years old figure and then ,as life goes on, your version are becoming younger with more radiant look but mentally deteriorating. When it comes to love and family, that order brings such emotions that sometimes we can hardly even bear.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is simply an amazing story that glued me to the cinema seat for the 3 hours show. Cate Blanchett is the main actor as usual did an awesome acting performance in this movie. The setback of New Orleans old town showcased picture perfect scenaries.
Thumbs up for the movie. Emotionally- touched and beautifully -narrated, it is worth your money for this one. Go and watch it..A MUST !!


yazrie said...

i prefer the natural way...Allah bagi mcm sekarang bersebab kan?

Ad said...

x sempat tgk citer ni,,, dah beli pirate ..

Wahidah said...

x mspt tgk akan tgk later

edina monsoon said...

Hmmm okay. I hope it's come out in eerm DVD. Too time-consuming to watch in the you breath and share air with just about ANYONE.

syukur said...

Yazrie :
Ye lah Yaz.,.. memang pun tapi sebab tu la cerita ni tajuknya the CURIOUS case ..

Ad :
Jangan beli pirate...should go to tghe cinema ... 13 Oscar nominations.... i beg one of potential for BEST PICTURE.

Wahidah :
A Must ! Love Cate Blanchett role and acting performance in that movie.

Andrea :
Aiyo....time consuming ? 3 hours only la.. It is better to share the air u breathe with general population than to share it with your known tuberculosis patients ..he he he

edina monsoon said...

syukur: I know I know:( Btw the pirated version isn't out yet. I think the 'uncle" took a break during CNY and hasn't gone back into the working mode yet. DAMM

Lily.Lulu said...

a must yer ???
okie dookie ...

nanti ada masa nak pergi tgk

thanks for sharing with us doc !!